Monday, August 07, 2006

Real Life Intervenes

The title says "intervenes", not "interventions", so don't worry that a group of concerned group of friends and family have ambushed me with the agenda of informing me that they think I am playing cards waaaaaaaay too much. Mind you, that might only be because my family are thousands of miles away and that I have ensured that "friends" won't appear by studiously avoiding striking up friendships so I can concentrate on the virtual felt... so all in all it's a win/win.

You might be wondering if I played the Stars 1 Million Guaranteed on Sunday (though you also might not be). The answer, in short, is: no, I did not. Real Life got in the way, ensuring that not only did I not play my favourite Sunday morning satellite, but that I did not get a chance to play with the big boys. I'm taking a rain cheque, and hope to be able to have a run at the tournament some time in the future.

I did get to play some poker this weekend, however. On Friday night, after coming home wasted in the early am, I finally had a nice little run in Triple Draw before crashing hard. On Saturday night I played a few tournaments - a spectacular crash and burn in a $10 single rebuy tournament, and a marathon effort in a retardo sized $10 freezeout. I managed to finish in 28th of 1200+, which (thanks to the 20% payout structure) was good enough for just below minimum wage for time spent. But it was a lot of fun. I also busted myself out of Paradise trying to earn enough for a buy-in+rebuy+add-on for their 11pm Lemur Spectacular... so I guess I don't have to worry about that site unless something strange occurs.

Last night, once Real Life had finished poking her nose into my business, I played another couple of tournaments. Once again I had a spectacular flameout in a retardo sized $10 tourney, in which SoxLover and Weak_player went deep, but it was Kaellin's night as he finished in 8th of the 1700+ runners... and the not-20% structure gave him a nice payout.

I also had a deep run in a 180, but managed to push into a monster when it was pushing time. I might have been able to slip into the money and then try and bust some moves once past the bubble, but I decided that I wanted to try and build a stack there and then... and KQ s00ted looked fine to me. It did not look so fine when the BB woke up with AA. I hate when that happens.

That 180 was the 50th that I have played. As it was my 50th, I felt it was probably time to have a closer look at my stats (conveniently located on my sidebar). Though I have cooled off in these a little as of late, they still look good. I have invested $1100 for a total profit of $1586.68, an ROI of 144%. I am cashing about 1/4 of the time, and final tabling about 1 in 7 attempts. I have only the one win (though I don't know if I am allowed to use words like "only"), though I have also taken a 2nd and a 3rd. In other words, my numbers are still pretty sick in these, even though the lion's share of my winnings in these have come from the 3 top 3 finishes... which is not unexpected.

Looking at my online bankroll I can attribute almost my entire profit to these 180s, which means I have been about break-even in everything else I have played. Of course that's a gross generalisation, but it does reinforce the points I made earlier about considering myself a better performer in tournaments versus cash games.

If nothing else, it looks like I should keep plying my trade in those mid-limit tournaments and satellites (on Stars especially - I <3 their structure). Though I'll probably keep mixing in a little HORSE and Triple Draw. You know, just to keep it fresh. Word.


  • It was fun playing with you last night, G. Thanks for railing me all the way to the end! I'll probably be using my winnings to take a shot at some of the $20 180s, so let me know if you want to jump in a game sometime.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 11:58 AM  

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