Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whither the Sports Guy?

If you were wondering about how Bill Simmons, aka the Sports Guy, went in the WSOP, apparently you are not alone. At least if I can judge by people coming to my blog via search engines (hitting this entry here), that is. I had kept an eye out for any mention of him in WSOP Main Event coverage, but hadn't read anything. This was mildly interesting, as he isn't exactly an unknown (and people should know what he looks like) - I was kinda sorta wondering if the Worlwide Leader has instituted a press gag to ensure he would write about his effort first. At any rate, I came across a post on Deadspin that mentioned as a throwaway that he busted on the first day (source being an ESPN chat (I am assuming one of the WSOP chats, though I am not sure which one)). So now you know.

Of course his run in the WSOP somehow be turned into a 5000+ word multiple-article run on Page 2. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

And in case you missed it the first time, go check out Mean Gene's original commentary on the matter. Crush.

UPDATE: I actually managed to find the chat which mentioned the Sports Guy. And guess what? Apparently he busted early on his first day. Of course without knowing the details, who knows... but I'm definitely curious as to how he went out. But no wonder he found the time to pound out thousands of words comparing Ortiz to Larry Bird for today's Page 2...


  • Thanks for the update. I saw a thread on 2+2 that didn't have a clue. You showed them!

    By Blogger Donkeypuncher, at 4:50 PM  

  • I thought ESPN would at least throw a blurb on their site about how he did, but so far nothing. Their poker coverage has been, well, barely coverage at all. Compared to blogger work out there, it's been pretty spotty.

    I've gotten a ton of hits about Simmons too. I wonder if he's just embarassed that Anna Benson did better.

    By Blogger Gene, at 12:50 PM  

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