Friday, September 29, 2006

May The Lord Protect All Drunks and Australians

Last night my mate All-Star and his girlfriend returned from a brief jaunt overseas, so I decided to cruise by their apartment after I had finished work. I was late, but still decided to turn up. As usually happens when All-Star and I get in the same room a few beers were consumed, then a few more, then a few too many. We caught up while keeping an eye on "The Wedding Crashers" that was showing on cable.

Eventually I stumbled out of All-Star's apartment, and drunkenly made my way home. And what does the intoxicated Garthmeister J. crave?

Triple Draw!

Logging onto UB I noted that there weren't any games running in the 1/2 - 3/6 range. Bummer. But there was a 10/20 game running.

So I sat down. I then proceeded to lose the second hand I was dealt because it was A-5, not 2-7 like I expected. And I hate A-5.... so naturally I played until 2am. My high water mark was +$400, but then that was followed shortly by my low water mark of -$250. Smarter, less alcohol-fuelled people would have decided that would be a good point to stand up and go to bed. But not this little duck. No - I was determined to keep playing, and not only managed to avoid irrevocably destroying my UB bankroll but finished +$320. At that point I logged off, went to my bed, and promptly passed out.

I'd add some commentary about the play etc., but I was pretty hammered. I do recall that the guy on my immediate right was haemorraging chips, which was handy. And the fact that after I stood up the table promptly broke up.

Now all I have to do is avoid doing this again.

Anyone want to bet on it?

(Thanks to Ryan for the inspiration behind the somewhat redundant post title).

* * * * * * * *

Tonight is the Australian Rules Football Grand Final, Australia's Super Bowl. I will be watching at a bar in town with my fellow footy players, and a bunch of friends. The West Coast Eagles are taking on the Sydney Swans in a repeat of last year's match up. I'm a little conflicted - I'm from Western Australia (where the Eagles hail from) though I am a support of their cross-town rivals the Fremantle Dockers. But I also lived in Sydney for over 3 years, and like seeing them do well as it helps promote the game there. But then again I was in Sydney last week watching the Swans eliminate my beloved Dockers. Not to mention the fact that last year I felt the pull to cheer on the Eagles (though they lost in a nail biter). And I do play for a local team that wears the same strip as West Coast.

Urgh. I suppose I will wait until game time and see which way I am pulled. While I consume large quantities of alcohol.

Too bad I have to work tomorrow morning, especially since the game will start just after midnight EST, and will finish in the vicinity of 3am...


  • Dang why didn't you SMS me that you were going to play loaded 10-20????

    By Blogger SoxLover, at 4:51 PM  

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