Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Once More Into The Breach

Last night I was meant to meet up with the same friend who had to cancel on Saturday night. Once more she had to cancel. Once more I was left with options on how to fill my dance card. Once more I decided to see if the games were hopping at Star City.

On Saturday night I had spoken to a couple of the locals about what games ran during the week, and was given the impression that there tables ran pretty much from 3pm each day. I decided to wander down at about 5:30pm and see if there were any Sydney Masters of the Universe keen to donate after a hard day at work.

When I got to the casino there were three tables of 5/5 $200 NLHE, plus a 1/2 $80 NLHE table, a 5/10 LHE table, plus a table running 5/5/10 $500 NLHE. And no, 5/5/10 is not a typo.

There was apparently an open seat at a 5/5 $200 NLHE table so I got some chips and was sent off to the far corner of the card room. Except there was no seat open. So I wandered back to the front desk, and informed them that there was no seat open. The worker at the desk looked at me like I had three heads.

"Yes there is, there is a seat open."

I tried to explain that as I had actually walked up to the table and spoken with a Star City employee there, I could state with authority that there wasn't a seat open.

The employee at the front desk turned to one of his co-workers.

"He says there isn't a seat open on table 10."

The co-worker turned and looked at the screens displaying the tables and openings.

"No, there is a seat open on 10," the co-worker said, turning to me.

Give me a fucking break.

As I had done to the guy at the front desk I carefully explained that there sure wasn't a seat open, as I had gone and checked it out. I offered to go back to the table with her if she liked. She agreed, and we set off.

Guess what? There wasn't a seat open on Table 10. The Star City employee seemed to take this in stride, and I behaved myseld and didn't make any snide comments. As we passed other tables on the way back to the front desk the girl offered me seats on 1/2 $80 NLHE and 5/10 LHE. I thanked her, but said I would wait for an open seat on the game I actually wanted to play.

A few minutes later I got my wish.

At my table there seemed to be a few regulars mixed in with some guys who played once in a while, but the real quality play came from two friends who had never played in a casino before. This just pushed the level of play to new heights of badness. I watched as in about 4 hands in two orbits one of the newbies managed to hit trips on the turn or river with junk hands and got paid each time. His stack went from $200 to about $700 in a flash. In between hands he and his mate complained about how slow the game was, about if the au pair would cook dinner... quality stuff. Meanwhile I was being dealt trash hand after trash hand.

I finally managed to hit a set in a multi-way pot, but didn't have anough chips to scare off the guy on my immediate right who had hit TP-dodgy kicker plus the K high flush draw. Unfortunately for me the river completed the flush, and I was off to rebuy.

My next big hand came when it was I who hit TPTK with the nut flush draw. I check-raised all-in and one of my bazillion outs hit to give me some chips. It was at this time that one of the biggest hands of the night occurred, when one of the newbies (who was short-stacked) went all-in on the QQ2 flop, two spades. An Asian woman who apparently played reasonably often called, as did a Canadian-born regular with an imposing stack. The Asian woman bet out large after the turn put a second club out there, and was dutifully called. During all this action the newbie is telling everyone and anyone that if he loses this hand he is going home for bolognese. The river is another blank, and after a bt of deliberation the woman moved in for another $140 or so. After some thinking, the Canadian folded. Newbie shows 22 for the flopped full house, Asian woman shows QQ for quads.

I informed everyone that live poker is rigged.

That hand was enough to get the newbies off home, and their places were taken by a couple of regulars, including a hot-headed Asian guy who started jawing with the guy on my immediate right. It got particularly heated after one hand, with the guy on my right openly criticising the Asian's play as the next hand began. I limped into a family pot with 88 and the Asian raised it up on the button to 6xBB. About 5 people called, and we saw a flop of 578, rainbow. Jackpot.

We check it around to the Asian guy, who jacks it up to $135. Folded around to me, and after a moment I smooth call. This induces the guy on my immediate left, who has been complaining about his cards all evening, to call all-in. This created a sidepot of $10 between myself and the Asian.

Turn is a blank, I check, Asian checks. River is another blank. I check, and after a moment's hesitation the Asian goes all-in for $125 or so more. I insta-call, roll over my set, and rake a huge pot. The Asian had 24o(!) and I have no idea what the guy on my immediate left had, as he merely folded his cards.

The Asian made so many mistakes in that hand it is difficult for me to categorise them all, but one of them, bluffing into a dry side-pot, is one of the things I have seen a number of people do on the tables at Sydney. I have also seen the "bluffer" in this situation actually get called with a worse hand (a worse no-pair no-draw), so it's kind of insane.

At about 10pm I decided to call it a night, and grab something to eat, deciding that finishing up $475 AUD was decent enough.

So I guess we will have to see if my friend cancels on me again Thursday night...


  • Hey G, I need your help with something. Can you hit me on e-mail when you get a chance...thanx

    By Blogger surflexus, at 11:06 AM  

  • You really do take your life into your own hands don't you.

    Glad you're winning in the cess pool of poker, and yes, Star City "customer service" has obviously not improved!

    By Blogger Jules, at 4:14 PM  

  • Sounds like Party Poker.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 9:42 AM  

  • That hand with the asian dude was wild. wtf was he thinking...

    By Blogger TripJax, at 3:58 PM  

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