Monday, October 02, 2006


Like a lot of you I am still trying to come to grips with the anti-online-gambling laws being shoved down our throats. With Stars and Party indicating they are going to cut off US residents, I have a number of questions, questions that a lot of you are probably having. I am waiting to read an analysis from those who know more than I do before I take any action.

1. Do I just pull off all (or at least the vast majority) now?
2. Should I try and use my FFPs (or whatever) on anything I can immediately?
3. If I have a lot of tournament dollars, should I just try and spend them as soon as I can, damn the consequences?

1. Is it going to be possible to play online poker from the US at all?
2. If I (hypothetically) know this guy who has an Australian bank account, is that going to help?
3. Given what this is going to do to the online poker population, if I am able to play, do I want to play?



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