Monday, October 23, 2006

A Costanza Weekend

Yes, my friends, it is a sad Monday morning indeed. As has been noted elsewhere my football tipping and hypothetical wagering has taken a sad turn for the worse since I have re-entered the country.

Why would this happen? There are four schools of thought:

1) I was lucky earlier
2) I have been unlucky as of late
3) Since I have re-entered the country I have suffered a bad case of paralysis by analysis
4) I suck

This weekend was the culmination of my bad run. No matter the result of tonight's game, I would have done better with my picks if I just had done a Costanza (immortalised in this episode), and instead of going with my original picks just reversed them. Going sub-.500 when you are merely picking the outright winners (rather than against the spread) is truly a shot to the tipster's ego.

I sure hope the Giants win tonight...


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