Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pokus Interruptus

I decided to do a little pruning of my resources, withdrawing (or attempting to withdraw, in the case of UB) most of my bankroll back onto Firepay. I had an Interpoker account to store my winnings from the WPBT tournament in July, and I also won some money in a free-roll for the rake mob I am with - no sooner had I grabbed that cash then they emailed me to tell me I could no longer access my account, and that they would be sending me my balance in a check. Just beat them to it.

I still have some cash on UB (for Triple Draw), Stars (for tournaments and general donkification) and the teensy bit I still had lying around on FT, which I will probably blow on NLHE tournaments and/or HORSE tournaments. The UB and Stars amounts should keep me happy before they decide to shutter the doors and/or I suss out independent and safe routes back onto the tables.

I did cash out the majority of my FPPs on the site that I had anything meaningful on. I grabbed Ray Zee's High-Low Split Poker (Felicia might even be proud of me!), a coffee mug, and a poker chip set from FT.

But fear not! I still intend to hit the tables as often as I can until that time. Though I would be happier if UB released it's hold on my funds...


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