Friday, November 03, 2006

Let's All Do The Trop

We interrupt this NaNoWriMo blog with some poker news: I have been talked into heading up to Atlantic City by bdrweb and penneriii (easy sell, some would say) this weekend. I'm about to head out from work to meet pennerii so we can zip up to the big AC. This will be my second trip up, and I'm hoping it is better than the first.

Yes, that means that means I am already going to have a day where my word count won't increase, but I'm pretending this is research. Maybe my character can head up there for a little gambooooling or something.

* * * * * * * *
Today's excerpt:

"As I wait for traffic to subside so I can safely cross Washington Circle, I admire the lack of driving ability being put on display by the morning rush hour traffic. The DC Metro area contains the worst drivers I have ever seen, bar none - and I've lived in quite a few places. Some people claim that New England drivers are horrible, which I counter by saying that New England drivers are actually very skillful, they are just mean and unusually cruel. DC drivers, on the other hand, just suck. I watch as cars veer from lane to lane without using their turn signals, abrupty stop for seemingly no reason, and commit various other traffic atrocities while their drivers slam fists into horns.

The most memorable stretch of poor driving I have experienced was during a drive home from Baltimore. In that trip alone I saw three crashes, two near crashes, and one car on fire as it sat forlornly on the side of the road. This all occurred on a gorgeous Spring afteroon."


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