Monday, November 13, 2006

Triple Draw: It's What's For Dinner

So I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh, eating and drinking like a champ, not doing enough NaNoWriMo, and going to the Steelers/Saints stoush. But I'll get to that later. Because, hold the phone, Triple Draw just came to PokerStars.

Oh, baby.

Early reports (I'm not at home so can't verify) suggest that they only have low-limit games running as a form of beta test, but those still might be good. I'm hoping they bust out some higher limit games soon. If they do, and if they get some traffic, it might give me a possible route to actually working my way up the limits. Of course getting a lot of bonus and rakeback at UB is still very nice, but varied limits + larger pond = nicer place to play.

Stars also seem to be offering PL and NL Triple Draw, but I'll be steering clear of that. Well, I might have a shot at PL. We'll see.

What a glorious day. Huzzah!


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