Saturday, December 23, 2006

Triple Draw? Oh yeah, I remember that...

I haven't played much Triple Draw in the last couple of months. Part of that was due to NaNoWriMo taking up most of November, part of that was... I dunno, really. Every time I jumped on to play poker I ended up wanting to play NLHE tourneys.

Last night I jumped on late - I was going to go to the pub, but I turned on the TV and caught the end of Ocean's 11... so I stayed in and began drinking. After I flamed out of my various tournaments ($30+3 NLHE on Stars, peep token turbo on FT, and the 12k at 1am on FT - going out on the first hand with AA, and yes, I got my money in bad), I decided to play some TD.

Oh. My. Goodness. Granted, the people playing Triple Draw after 1am EST are probably not the best, or soberest, people on the planet, but there was a pile of suck going on. I chipped up nicely on my first table, and despite getting pretty drunk myself started a second table. On the second table I dumped a bunch early, before fighting back. My original table broke, and I sat by myself, hoping others would turn up. Eventually one guy did... and boy, was he bad. I took the first three hands off him, and in response he reloaded.

Note the sober discussion occurring in the chat window.

Sadly he left after 5 minutes after having dumped $40 to me. Too bad: by my calculations it would have taken almost 7 days straight of playing for me to get the rest off him, and even then the possibility existed that he might have sobered up or even learned the rules. But I think this was the one that got away.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Glimpse Into An Alternate Reality

For those of you wondering what "Garth as Cher the Dealertainer" would look like, it would probably be something like this:

Someone just forgot the words to "If I Could Turn Back Time".

So keep an eye out next time you're at the Imperial Palace.

Just sayin'.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Cancer Beatdown!

So there I was, minding my own business on a Sunday night. I was pretty tired, though I was about to call home (my parents had sent me a "Hey douchebag, are you ever going to call home?" email). Out of the blue I was given a directive [ed: directive may be fictionalised].

Katitude: Dude, charity tournament on Full Tilt in three minutes. Be there or be a blight on humanity.

Not wanting to be a further blight on humanity, I of course jumped into the Bad Beat on Cancer, featuring a few pros (amongst them Rafe Furst and Andy Bloch). I have had some success in these tournaments before; whether it is because I know it's for charity and that I am going to donate my winnings anyway, it seems to help my game. I started playing, and called my parents, trying to multi-task raising like a beast while catching up with my folks. This can be a little fun when Rafe Furst arrives at your table. I managed to not totally lose concentration while talking to Dad about Australia winning back the Ashes, and was able to get back to work once I finished the phone call.

Thus it was with some glee that I got into a pot with Rafe four-handed, he slow-played his flopped set of 2s, I hit my set of 3s on the turn, and I bust a WSOP Bracelet winner. As my prize I was moved soon afterwards to a new table... where I had Guin and Waffles on my immediate right. This was endlessly entertaining, if a little annoying. I kept telling myself that I would get into a pot as soon as one of them didn't... but that never happened. Their chip stacks went up, and down, back up, and back down, until finally Guin landed the knockout punch.

Guin continued his roller-coaster ways, however, and we tangled in a few hands. In my favourite hand of the tournament I re-raised him pre-flop, and then pushed in response to his check on the flop... with the hammer, of course. Here's where I wish I had a screenshot. A little later I made my mistake of the tournament, getting it all in against him when I had a mid-pair, and he had a monster. However luck was on my side, as I managed to suck out, crippling Guin in the process. It took one more bad beat to put him out of his misery, but the damage had been done.

After that I proceeded to play a bit of Big Stack Poker[tm]. As the bubble approached I was in good shape, but then I lost a race against a maniac that would have given me a humongous chip lead going into the final table, but it wasn't to be.

Instead I was forced to battle until the end, and though I didn't pull it out, I felt pretty good.

The maniac, MrShimSham, built a huge stack lead and took it to the house. And while it would have been nice to win, I know that at least the 1st and 3rd place money is all going to charity.

Thanks Kat.

* * * * * * * *

BTW, if you wanted an augmented view into my Vegas experiences, the Princess has just posted "All The Things That Garth Forgot". Check it out.

Friday, December 15, 2006

2006 WPBT Winter Classic Trip Report Part 3: Seven Out!

  • Monday 7am: I wake up, sort of, in my bed at the IP. I note that I have taken my shirt off, but I am still wearing my pants. I have no idea what time I collapsed the night before, so I am unsure as to how long I have slept. One thing I am sure of: I feel like I have been hit by a train. Of course, now I am awake (sort of), the question is: get up? Or go back to sleep.
  • Monday 7:30am: Dumb question. I discover in my pants pocket that I have some checks in there. Some of them are even black. Apparently Drunkie Garth can play craps OK. I decide that I will grab something to eat and see how I feel. If I feel good I will check out, then play for a couple of hours before heading to the airport. I decide that if I am going to be playing more games than I need to bust out the "AUSTRALIA" shirt again, despite the fact I have just worn it during a 24 hour alcoholic bender. Ewwwww.
  • In the elevator down I am joined by two older gentleman in business pants and shirts, heading to the convention or whatever they are here. One of them looks at me and says: "I remember you, you were playing craps last night." I nod, a little surprised. The man continues with a knowing smile, "Lose all your money?" I shake my head, with a grin. "Actually, I just found some black checks in my pocket." Face.
  • Monday 7:45am: I am served breakfast at the IP's Teahouse. By my calculations it is approximately 45 hours since my last meal. I am unable to finish the omelette and corned beef hash, though I enjoy a couple of cups of coffee.
  • Monday 8:15am: I put on the Disco glasses, and approach the same craps table I played at when I was last upright. The same craps crew is running the table, including the Pit Boss who immediately shouts at me "Just throw me your damn card, Garth!" Always one to obey in such matters, I toss my IP player's card onto the felt, quickly followed by a Benjamin.
  • I note from the stacks on the felt around me that the shooter must be having a monster roll. I put some chips down, but shortly after that the roll is done. The shooter takes his winnings and moves off, and I settle in his place next to a guy playing a monster roll of $25 chips. I notice him playing the Don't Come line repeatedly.
  • I realise that my palms are sweating. And are not stopping.
  • I overhear one of the guys on the other side of the table pointing me out to his friend. "See that guy in the 'Australia' shirt? He was playing last night. I'm not sure what happened to him, I guess they cut him off." I consider informing him that though I am wearing the Disco glasses they do not impede my ability to hear.
  • I settle into a rhythm, using the same betting patterns I can recall using from the night before. My life is made easier as the next shooter also rolls for a really long time. A short older Asian woman squeezes in on my right, and asks me how the table is. "Good," is my only response.
  • The table waitress, Angela, arrives to take orders. She is gorgeous. I am a little gobsmacked that the prettiest waitress I can remember seeing at the IP is working on a Monday morning. She asks me if I want anything. I briefly consider getting something with alcohol in it, but decide that discretion is the better part of valour. "A coffee of and a water, please." "Nothing in the coffee?" Dialled into alcohol, I think of Bailey's or whiskey. "No, just cream and sugar," I reply. At her amused smile I realise that I am a moron, but decide to instead hope she thinks I am a comedic genius. "I'll get that for you sir," Angela says as she scribbles on her pad, "a coffee with nothing but cream and sugar, plus a water."
  • The table continues to be good, and the Asian lady starts betting a little. I hit a few numbers, press my numbers, and hit again. The Asian lady congratulates me on my craps skillz.
  • The Asian lady and I are joined by a woman decked out in ESPN gear and wearing a fanny pack. She seems nice enough, but I begin wondering if this woman has a hotel room. Something tells me she lives out of the pack. On the other hand, I can't judge. My hands are still sweating.
  • I am mowing through these "coffees with nothing but cream and sugar", which I insist on ordering from Angela in the same fashion. I also tell her that she is the wind beneath my wings. She takes this news in stride.
  • Monday 9:30am: I am watching the dice closely, and hear a "Garth!" from behind me. I turn around and find Spaceman and Mrs Spaceman, both with bags in tow, clearly heading out. I am clearly wearing the same clothes as the last time we met, but they seem to take it in stride. We shake hands (Mrs Spaceman thankfully not recoiling in fear), and Spaceman points to my chips and says "Have fun!". "I always do," I reply. They wave and are on their way.
  • Monday 9:40am: I have been on this table for almost an hour, and still haven't had a roll. The dice are coming our way, however, and the little Asian woman asks if I could just move over a bit, to give her some room. I agree, though I am a little interested why she needs the room.
  • All things are made clear, as the Asian woman has one of the strangest dice throwing motions I have ever seen. She picks up the dice in her right hand and then sort of launches herself at the table, both arms outstretched, as if she was jumping through a window.
  • Monday 9:50am: I finally get a roll, though it is nondescript. With that roll one orbit of the table has been completed in the hour and a half since I have been at the table.
  • Monday 9:55am: The small Asian lady informs me that if I were running for public office, I would have her vote. I thank her for her support.
  • Monday 10:00am: The next roll ends, and I decide it would be prudent to leave the table, find my bags, and head to the airport. I place my nice stack of green chips on the table, and get coloured up. I thank my table mates for the time and the fun (and the money), and head for the cashier.
  • Monday 12:05pm: I am in the air, and leaving Vegas behind. My palms are still sweating.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006 WPBT Winter Classic Trip Report Part 2: The Corruption of Garthmeister J.

When we left our intrepid hero, he had succumbed to a night of drinking, Pai Gow, and Blackjack, cunningly missing out on the Blogger Poker Tournament. But would he miss out on the PokerTek function?

  • Saturday, 9:08pm: I make it to the PokerTek function. I willingly sign the image waiver, figuring that someone walking around with "AUSTRALIA" emblazoned on their t-shirt is no doubt marketing gold.
  • Saturday, 9:09pm: I have my first Corona.
  • I watch in awe as Pablo dispatches four successive opponents heads up. I catch his eye after he accepts his latest opponent's fictional $20 sidebet. He lighty kisses the note and says "I'm so glad I came out tonight."
  • Amongst the many people reminding me that I missed the tournament is SoxLover, who tells me that he contributes going deep into the tournament on my absence, which ensured I didn't bust him. Interestingly it appears he got 88 in against 99 again this time, but won a side-pot with a four-flush.
  • I play my first SnG with the PokerTek tables. The software is obviously broken, as I do not win. I do, however, enjoy the touchscreen magic which you use to view your cards. Very cool.
  • Saturday, let's say 10:30'ish: Enter the Speaker.
  • Joe and I take seats for another SnG, Speaker sitting down with position on me. I feel good as historically things have gone well when I have Joe at the table in this position. History repeats as I end up heads up with Iggy. We agree to a partial chop, but once again the poker software fails me, and I lose.
  • Saturday 11pm'ish: Weak Player and I hit the IP floor for some -EV goodness. We settle on Pai Gow, because Pai Gow is awesome. I bust out the Disco Glasses, because (as everyone should know) Pai Gow dealers can sense fear.
  • Weak and I play for a while, with Weak repeatedly trying to get me to play Craps. Weak is not the only friend of mine to try and get me to play Craps, and I had long avoided it due to a belief that it would get into my blood.
  • Weak finally has enough of my craps-rejection, and leaves. I am joined by the Princess and Tommy, amongst others. Tommy is sporting these red-lensed glasses that he isn't wearing at the table. He starts doing it once I clue him into the whole "Pai Gow" fear thing. The problem is he keeps leaving them on the top of his head, leading to a succession of "Glasses Down!" screams.
  • At some point I determine that we need to employ the Scientific Method with my Pai Gow theory. I play one hand without wearing my glasses, and win the Bonus. I decide that the Scientific Method must be flawed.
  • We also enjoy the stylings of the most awesome Pit Boss in the Universe, Elaine. She has been hanging around our table for some time, and in one fell swoop wins our eternal admiration when she saves a mucked hand and points out it has a flush. She backs that up with ruling that a misdealt hand will still pay off a bonus, which works for at least one of our crew. Everyone at the table now has a crush on Elaine.
  • Sometime during this period: I change from Coronas to Captain and Cokes. The lovely Becky, sitting in the 1-seat (and also a non-blogger), switches to the Good Captain as well. Becky tells us that she busted in poker, but her husband is still in there. Eventually Becky's husband turns up, and we are disgusted to discover he seems like a really nice guy.
  • The beginning of "The Shoop Shoop Song" comes over the PA. I turn my head to the right to see if a Dealertainer is onstage as Cher, as this song seems a clear candidate for such a treatment. No Dealertainer is strutting their stuff, so I do my part, singing the whole song, along with actions. I think this may have actually scarred Tommy for life.
  • Tommy eventually leaves us, in minor disbelief that he has "dropped three bills playing Pai Gow". We are joined by F-Train and Dawn, both who insist on not playing their bonuses. So Maigrey and I do it for them.
  • These have been written elsewhere, but I am recording them as well, dammit!
  1. "A Push is as good as a Win!"
  2. "A Push buys you drinking time!"
  3. "Bonus money is the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetest money!"
  4. "Push-Gow!"
  5. "Win-Gow!"
  6. "Gow-pai!"
  7. "That's a Premature Pai-Gow."
  8. "I have a Garth hand." (a hand where you have four to a flush or a straight, perhaps both. also where you may have a hand all one colour, but no flush. God I hate that hand. I mean, you look down, it's all red, you're thinking "Sweet, I totally have a flush." But then you look closer through your alcohol-haze and see that you don't. Stupid Garth hands.)
  • Partially reconstructed set of events: I eventually decide that I want to head to the bar and chat to people. I find a bunch of deviants holding court, including the Bracelet, Speaker, and Speaker's friend Dacia. I chat for a while (of indeterminate period), when the Princess arrives. She instantly convinces Joe and myself to join them at the craps table. I tell them that I'll just watch.
  • At the craps table Maigrey keeps trying to get me on the rail, as that means I have to play, but I keep refusing. Dacia and the Princess outsmart me (look surprised when you read that, K? Thanks) and block me into position. Sensing my fate, I throw out a Benjamin, and the damage has been done.
  • For the next bunch of time: I have an awesome amount of fun. I almost make Dacia snort Greyhound out her nose. I begin subverting all the rules regarding addressing the shooter, while trying to listen to what the Princess is trying to teach me. Through all this I begin dimly coming together with a craps strategy... either that or the Captain and Cokes are really kicking in. Maybe both.
  • Speaker and Dacia eventually leave. That seems way too sensible to me. I am in for the long haul. StB, Mike, and the Bracelet are still with Maigrey and myself.
  • My end of the Craps table starts advocating "Team America". As I am in full "AUSTRALIA" t-shirt regalia, I regard this is as totally uncool. Seeing the writing on the wall, I ask if I can be absorbed into Team America. I am disappointed.
  • I start talking to this cute girl at our end of the craps table. Let's call her "Anna" or "Donna". Despite Anna/Donna having her boyfriend standing right next to her, the Princess is convinced that Anna/Donna wants to do me, and posits the theory that the boyfriend might be interested in a threesome.
  • Sorry to disappoint. No threesome.
  • As a fellow Chelsea-supporter, it was my full intention to join Al in watching the Gay European Football. I determine that I will continue playing until it is almost kick-off time (around 8am), getting in contact with Al and going from there.
  • Sunday 7:30am: No one is answering my calls. I figure this means that the Gay European Football watching is a non-starter. I drown my sorrows with another Captain and hope my roll is coming soon.
  • Sunday 9ish: Saint Kat arrives, and offers to buy us Starbucks coffees. She takes our orders, and returns with fresh caffeine-y goodness, so we don't have to leave the craps table. God bless that woman.
  • Sunday 9:36am: I receive a call from someone (turns out it was Stb - I missed it at the time but looked it up on the phone list) informing me that people are going to be congregating at the IP Theatre for American Football watching action. I determine that sounds like a plan. I finally leave the craps table, and head to the theatre.
  • Sunday, after kick-off in the first game: I find Drizz and Mrs. Drizz in the Theatre, along with some other bloggers, and we watch for a little before a decision is made to reposition further up for a better view of other games. Shortly thereafter the group all seems to independently decide to head to the sports book. A whole bunch of bloggers are there.
  • I discover I don't have enough attention to focus on the games, though I talk with BG, Daddy, Pauly, and numerous others on the premises.
  • I belly up to the bar and have some shots with Al. I think I switch back to Coronas here. I think.
  • I really start losing track of chronology here: I think I recognise the Bracelet walk in on the other side of the bar. Moments after I shout "Bobby Bracelet!", Al informs me that that is indeed not the Bracelet. I am reminded that I am hammered.
  • I start demanding that people listen to my iPod. Instead of telling me to fuck off, people actually do, at least for a little while.
  • Dacia and Speaker rock up again. They order Bloody Marys, and I instantly realise that those might be a good idea. After assuring me that they are tasty, I start mowing through those instead.
  • I start drinking the shots Al is buying that are refused by the recipient.
  • Time since I have last eaten: We're going on over 24 hours here, people.
  • OK, I am not sure what the catalyst for this was, but I head back to the craps table. All times after this are completely arbitrary. I think I switch back to Captain and Coke.
  • Veneno accompanies us, and is making all kinds of weird horn bets. She is totally in her element. I can only look on drunkenly, make my bets, and ROLL.
  • Eventually I realise it is a good thing I am wearing my Disco glasses, as no one can tell that every so often I feel the need to rest my eyes for a moment behind them.
  • Some indeterminate amount of time later: We decide to cool it on craps, and head to a blackjack table. The blackjack table has some weird rules regarding how you ask for cards etc.
  • I completely fail to learn the rules. This has to annoy the hell out of April, Maigrey, Pablo and Gracie, who try and help me in vain.
  • I feel April up (twice). Since I currently do not have a black eye or any facial injuries, she didn't hit me (or at least, hit me hard), which is lucky.
  • I actually start passing out behind my glasses. I catch myself, and announce that I have to go to my room.
  • I have no idea what time this happens: I pass out in my room.
Bonus Teaser for Part 3: What will our intrepid hero do after regaining consciousness at 7am on Monday morning?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2006 WPBT Winter Classic Trip Report Part 1: What's a Hognut?

I am going to try and relate what just happened to me, and to those unfortunate individuals who accompanied me on my journey into complete degeneracy in Vegas. Let's face it, I am a very lazy man, and thus instead of attempting to regale you with a multi-part opus I am going with the good old "point form" method of retelling. I am going to attempt to have it chronological, and put approximate times where I know them... but let's face it, I spent most of this time hideously intoxicated, and so I am going to forget or miss certain things. And Vegas is reknowned for it's clock unfriendliness. I did spend a bunch of time with Maigrey though, so check her blog for updates to try and cross-reference what I've written. I also realise I am not going to be able to do justice to how much fun I actually had, but such is life.

Let's get this party started!
  • Friday, 10pm: I land in Vegas, along with most of the cowboys from Texas.
  • Friday, 11pm: I get to the Imperial Palace.
  • The next half hour: I try to get various room keys to work, resulting in me going back to the front desk twice. I eventually get let in by a locksmith who informs me that the key system is down, and I'll have to sort my key situation out later. I shrug, throw my bags into the room, and head to the MGM.
  • Friday, just before midnight: I finally arrive at the MGM, meeting and greeting old and new friends, including Gracie and Pablo, Iggy, Pauly, Change100, BG, Spaceman and Mrs Spaceman, the Heads... too many to mention in all.
  • Next little while: I cruise around the poker tables saying hello to people actually playing poker. I immediately call Biggestron "Zeem", though I catch myself straight away.
  • I stand next to Easycure and ask if anyone knows who Easycure is (I thought it was him, but figured it was the best way to handle things).
  • I am on a roll.
  • Weak Player asks me to play his stack for a moment. The game is Columbine*, which I have not played before.
  • After my second hand of Columbine the floor manager comes over and goes apeshit. So we switch to Crazy Pineapple, which I have not ever played before.
  • I explain to Love Elf about 15 times how to play Crazy Pineapple. She restrains herself and doesn't punch me.
  • Weak returns. The 8 or so hands of poker I played with his stack were the only ones I played the entire weekend using real chips and real cards.
  • Really.
  • I head back to the bar. I recognise Gary straight off, and feel better about the whole Biggestron and Easycure thing.
  • Kat administers a butt grab on behalf of the absent Jules. She also introduces me to Joanne.
  • I get talking to Michalski, who is wearing three large plastic tubes around his neck. Apparently this is totally cool because he "got them out of the trash".
  • I faux lurch away from something at the bar (I swear it was a faux lurch). The lurch lands me next to a black guy at the end of the bar, who I immediately challenge to a foot race. He informs me that though he is getting on in years, he is still pretty spry. This leads us to a long and interesting talk about life and life lessons. Really cool guy.
  • I also think I might be getting drunk at this point.
  • Sometime Saturday in the am: Maigrey says it's time to head to the IP, as people have started to head there for -EV action. Who am I to say no? We grab a cab and vamoose.
  • We jump on a Pai Gow table with various blogger types.
  • I manage to cover my cards in lemon juice from my Corona.
  • We spy the Bracelet playing Blackjack, and head over.
  • Things start to get heated between Linda the sassy Blackjack dealer and Tunoj the punk Indian. I think Tunoj is clearly in the wrong. He responds by pressing his bets, getting hit in the face by the deck, and leaves with many black checks. Asshole.
  • Bobby Bracelet introduces us to the "hognut"**.
  • We get Carlos the surly blackjack dealer. I think deep down Carlos is a nice guy, he just hides it well. Really well.
  • I start doing things like betting $25 a hand, then playing two boxes at $25 a hand.
  • I don't do things like that.
  • BG arrives at the Blackjack table. I realise that he has gone to bed and gotten up. I also realise I have no idea what time it is.
  • Saturday 9am or something: That's what the time is. Since the tournament is in a matter of hours, we decide it's time to retire. But first, we eat!
  • Saturday 10am-ish: On the way to food, we run into more people who have gone to bed and gotten back up, Easycure and Biggestron. They tag along with us for food.
  • Easycure and Biggestron graciously offer to take our money and pay for the meal after we have eaten so we can go to bed NOW.
  • A minute later: I remember I have this whole room key situation to remedy.
  • Saturday 10:40am: The room key situation is remedied, and I get inside my room. I set my alarm, and collapse.
  • Saturday 12:45pm: My alarm goes off.
  • A fraction of a second later: I disable the alarm.
  • Saturday 2:15pm: I wake up and check the time. When I see that I have missed the tournament I swear. Loudly. I decide it's either time to try and get up to head to the tournament, or go back to bed.
  • Saturday 2:16pm: I fall back asleep.
  • The next 6 hours or so: I alternate between light sleep and being woken up by the bands playing at the joint in front of the IP. One of the bands plays rock covers, though apparently only the first verse and chorus of each song.
That left me with at least some foundation of rest for me to assail the rest of the weekend.... which will be continued in Part 2.

Bonus Teaser for Part 2: If Garthmeister J. was a Dealertainer, who would he be?

* Columbine is reverse Hold 'Em. That is the river is dealt first, then the turn, and then the flop.

** The "hognut" is as follows (this is the brief explanation from Bobby, which I have transcribed. All errors are mine.): "Basically a hog's nuts lie ontop of one another, like a figure eight. So if you need an 8 you put your clenched fists atop one another with the bottom pinky out. [ed: see diagram below] Then you stroke the felt with your pinky, and call for the hognut." Also related: the "reverse hognut".

"Give me a hognut!"

Back in the DC

Frankly I believe it should be made illegal to suffer a bout of acute insomnia when one is trying to settle an outstanding sleep debt resulting from a trip to Vegas for a blogger gathering. But my body apparently did not get the memo, though I can understand it holding a large grudge against me for what I did to it during the last four days or so. It was great to once again catch up with those people I had met before, as it was to meet so many others for the first time. Thanks again to April for organising everything, even though I managed to score myself a "DNP" in the tournament (yes, I rule).

I do intend to write some kind of post about my weekend, though I am not sure whether I will get there today as I am busy trying not to pass out in my cube at work. But here's a sneak preview: Maigrey taught me how to play craps.

Ruh roh.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Reflections on NaNoWriMo

It's just about time for me to hang up the NaNoWriMo thinking for the year, methinks (especially, since, you know, VEGAS is about to happen). At least the parts that revolve around me pounding out thousands of words of dross in a month. I'm still probably going to revisit what I actually a wrote a little later; I want to give myself a time to get away from it so I can come back to it fresh. Hopefully there are some nuggets of gold in there, or at least something I can use to work with if I wish.

The fun part about doing NaNoWriMo is what you find myself writing about. Here are some things I noticed while crossing the 50,000 word finish line:

  • This year I used Google's online document software to write my novel (the same thing that April used for the WPBT spreadsheet). That way I could log in and just write from any internt-enabled machine. Really good stuff.
  • I really should consider setting my next NaNoWriMo novel in high school. I decided to have flashback to one of my character's earliest brushes with booze, and suddenly found I had written thousands of words.
  • Dialogue is not only good for the wordcount, it can help you find your characters.
  • Somehow I got into minor discussions about "1984" by George Orwell, and "The Color of Money" the movie (featuring the pre-insane Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, Paul Newman, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio's ta-tas)
  • The first couple of times I did NaNoWiMo (particularly the first time) I essentially drank my way through it. This time I used a combination of coffee, Vitamin Water (Revive), Red Bull, and cigarettes. It was the Stimulants NaNoWriMo, rather than the Depressants NaNoWriMo.
  • It occurs to me that if someone wanted to do NaNoWriMo and would stop at nothing, than going Kerouac style and blocking off a weekend to pump yourself full of amphetamines should let you CRUSH 50,000 words... you know, if you could stop tweaking and running around the house.
  • Another departure from the previous years I did it, I really didn't have a steady progression towards 50,000. Aided and abetted by trips to Atlantic City and Pittsburgh, I was extremely sporadic in my writing. I think a large part of this was due to me having done it before, and having that confidence.
  • Having said that, if I hadn't written almost 12k on one Sunday, I would have been in strife.
As I alluded to earlier, I haven't committed to doing anything with what I have written so far. I may adapt at least a small part of it, though I am undecided. I'm just going to see how I feel after I re-read the thing.

I'm also undecided if I am going to try and do some regular writing sessions with some of the people I met during the month. It would probably be good to committ to something, to ensure that I am writing something non-blog-related on a regular basis. That's at least a start to trying to get myself to committ to do something on an ongoing basis, rather than putting it all aside until I think about this as next November approaches.

Lastly, but not leastly... am I going to do it next year? Naturally it's far too early for me to say, but even now I am leaning towards doing it. It was good to jump back into the saddle, and if nothing else it made me feel a bit like a writer again.

But until then... have fun in Vegas you early-arrivers! The G-Train steams into the station at 10pm Vegas time tomorrow night! Woo woo! More exclamation marks!! MORE!!!



I thought I would post a copy of my word count progression, just to show you how I moved through the month. You can also clearly see the big jump on 11/19. It's also worth pointing out that the most days I wrote in a row was 3 days (which I did 4 times), and the most days I went without writing was 5 days.