Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back in the DC

Frankly I believe it should be made illegal to suffer a bout of acute insomnia when one is trying to settle an outstanding sleep debt resulting from a trip to Vegas for a blogger gathering. But my body apparently did not get the memo, though I can understand it holding a large grudge against me for what I did to it during the last four days or so. It was great to once again catch up with those people I had met before, as it was to meet so many others for the first time. Thanks again to April for organising everything, even though I managed to score myself a "DNP" in the tournament (yes, I rule).

I do intend to write some kind of post about my weekend, though I am not sure whether I will get there today as I am busy trying not to pass out in my cube at work. But here's a sneak preview: Maigrey taught me how to play craps.

Ruh roh.


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