Monday, January 22, 2007

Personal Best

Due to my period of getting reacquainted with Triple Draw I have been racking up the Frequent Player Points on PokerStars. Not quite enough to get to Gold Star, but definitely enough to get to Silver. Naturally I hadn't been able to attend any of the free-rolls they have, for one reason or another, until Saturday afternoon. I took it so seriously that I actually played my Playstation at the same time for almost the entire duration of the tournament... which was probably why I received the following email 4 and a half hours later:

PokerStars Tournament #39384725, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: 100 FPP
4538 players
$20000.00 added to the prize pool by
Total Prize Pool: $20000.00
Tournament started - 2007/01/20 - 14:30:00 (ET)

Dear Garthmeister,

You finished the tournament in 10th place.
A $104.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Thank you for participating.

(I actually took a screenshot of the tournament results, but I forgot to email it to myself. Yes I suck.)

Not surprisingly to go that deep I got robo-lucky: I hit two 20% hands, was forced to move in when I was first to act with 89s and getting four callers and still winning (on the river no less), and winning a couple of 60/40 hands when I was the 40. That luck was offset to a degree by my not getting QQ,KK or AA in the entire 270 minutes - I did get AK twice, AQ twice, but that's not exactly a good run of cards. Add to the fact that the levels went up every ten minutes (as opposed to the normal 15 minutes Stars has) and it made things very interesting.

Finishing ahead of 4528 other people is my personal best in a tournament, though I can't help but feel like I would have really preferred to have beaten that many people and received a bigger payday. Of course you can also make the claim that the fact it was a free-roll gave me a large assist in making it as deep as I did. But hey! free money is free money. And free money after beating 4000+ people is sweet money. And free money after beating 4000+ people and playing Playstation at the same time is the sweetest money.

Hugs and kisses to the CBGCs aka Canadian Double Trouble aka Kat and Jules who appeared when we were down to less than 200 and rail-birded as I made my run. A bit of moral support was definitely appreciated. We'll get 'em next time!


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