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Long have I been waiting for someone, somwhere, to have a Triple Draw MTT that I could have a shot at. Once Stars began offering Triple Draw cash tables, I figured tournaments wouldn't be too far behind, but I had been disappointed thus far. In fact, I had essentially given up on seeing them, until Waffles pinged me with the news that he was playing in one. WOO HOO!

Waffles then began asking me for advice, which he seemed to disregard almost entirely. I guess there are no surprises there. But this did mean thatI was alerted to the existence of Triple Draw tournaments.

Stars is currently offering them at 2:45pm EST (10 + 1) and 10:30pm EST (20 + 2). So last night, tired though I was, I dutifully logged on at 10:30pm to play. I hadn't thought much at all about TD tournament startegy really... my thoughts were either "slow down at the start" or "play my normal cash game" and go from there. Since it was my first tournament, I figured I'd just play my normal game and see how we went.

Cold-decking in a cash game can suck, but cold-decking in a Triple Draw tournament BITES. The blinds seemed to get pretty big pretty fast, and since you're six-handed in TD, it got messy quickly. Adding insult to injury was a big hand where I had a monster draw, had someone drawing but betting out at me out of position. On the last draw we both took one card. I drew #3. He bet, I raised, he-reraised... yes, he had drawn #1. That put a huge hole in my stack, and I busted soon thereafter.

Though I have to think about modifying my strategy, I do think that the TD tournaments need to either increase the level lengths, decrease the blind increases, or increase the starting chipstacks. As it stands now it's just too streaky. Hopefully Stars tweaks them somewhat in the near future... and the current things I'm moaning about probably aren't enough to keep me from playing the odd tournament anyway.

Why don't you check one out?


  • Quick TD question:
    On the second draw, you end up with 87. You stand pat. But you opponent does as well. I understand not betting here, but do you just call it down? Or is drawing or folding the best option?

    I found myself in this position twice yesterday. 87532. One hand I won when someone had 876, the other I lost to 86.

    I felt trapped with it. Folding didn't seem like the right option, but I felt like I was beat.

    By Blogger StB, at 9:06 AM  

  • 87 is a tricky hand - one of the trickiest in TD in my opinion. It is a pain in the ass.

    I think the play really depends on your position in the hand and the player. If you are out of position you are in trouble, as you don't get enough info. If you check to your opponent after the second draw they should bet, which puts you in a tough spot. If you call and remain pat after the second draw you are probably going to be able to check it down after the third draw if the other guy has a weak hand... if he bets, you're probably beat, and it is possible to fold.

    If you have position on the other guy and he bets out at you after the second draw I don't think folding is really an option, as he could be betting out with a made 9 or higher (again this is player dependent). If he bets out you can either call or go for the check-raise. I like mixing in the check-raise occasionally as it gives you info and may lead you to win a pot you might not have otherwise. The aim here is to try and get your opponent to break a better hand than you have (say an 86 or better 87 - which is why I sometimes use this play with a made 9 or even T). If you get re-raised you are being told your 87 is no good, and so you have the chance to break (or even fold). If your opponent calls the check-raise but remains pat on the third draw it means your 87 is probably no good, and you can either decide to break or check down after the third draw (it is unlikely your opponent will bet into you after the third draw).

    Hopefully I haven't left out anything (I'm hungover as hell), but I think these sorts of hand highlight a couple of things: position is insanely important in Triple Draw, and a made 87 is the Devil.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 10:40 AM  

  • For some reason I talked about "check-raising" in position, when I really meant raising if you are bet into. Told you I was hungover.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 11:16 AM  

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