Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Hammer Day!

Ah yes, the glory that is the date composed only of 2s and 7s (if we carefully ignore those upstart 0s). Pauly wrote a fantastic little post about the History of the Hammer, so as part of the festivities I thought I would list a few of my favourite all-time Hammer Drops (where I have been the Dropper, as opposed to the Droppee). And one two of them I didn't even write!

1. Me vs SoxLover and SoxWife (courtesy of Dawn and I Had Outs)

2. SoxLover and I Infect AC (with the Hammer) (courtesy of Karol and I Had Outs, which took the snippet from one of my posts... OK, I think I just got dizzy)

3. The Golden Hammer (anyone have a better name for what happens here? And yes, I'm trying not to give it away).

I am planning to attend the Mookie/AlCantHang/Riverchasers Hammerthon this evening, and encourage you to do so as well. The more the merrier!


  • It was good to see you back in some blogger action. I actually had just one hammer and folded it by accident. Oh well.

    By Blogger Weak Player, at 2:27 PM  

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