Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You May Be Addicted If...

It's been a while since I had a run at some games online (the whole online payment hassles being somewhat problematic - I haven't had a look at the new FT thing yet), and the last time I played live was in a couple of bar SnGs - so not exactly high stakes. This weekend I was out of town, visiting a friend of mine, and chilling out... so no poker for me. No biggie, right?

Apparently not, as it seems all the dreams I can remember having this weekend involved poker. Some of them seemed to be exclusively about the game. On Sunday night I remembered having a dream where I was playing a cash game. It was some weird Hold 'Em/Omaha variant, where instead of 2 or 4 cards being held by each player you had 5 or so (maybe up to 7). I remember one hand where I had accumulated a large stack with at least one other large stack at the table. I can't recall the pre-flop action, but the flop comes down J-T-T (no idea of suits). I look at my cards, and see that amongst them I have two Ts. Gold.

I decide to play it fast, and bet out. The other large stack raises me, and I happily shove. The other big stack calls, and shows... two Ts in his hand as well, which also gives him quads. He also has two Js in his hand. This becomes problematic when another J hits on the turn. Yes, his quad Ts turned into quad Js, beating my hand.

I can't recall what the river was.

Here's the thing - my dream-self refused to hand over the pot. I went through the hand again and again, and I even went as far as to try and work out if I had a possible straight flush (good to know that my dream-self knows what beats what). In my dream it seemed like a long time elapsed before I finally realised: hey, this deck has six Ts! Misdeal!

This may be a signal that I am jonesing for some cards, big time.

Another signal arrived last night, when I had a dream that (fleetingly) involved Waffles. I find this more than a little disturbing. I better play some cards before things take a (larger) turn for the worse.


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