Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Like DDs

As I have mentioned many many times, I consider myself a Master Procrastinator. There is no task that I am unable to put off, almost indefinitely. Thus when I have a really productive day like yesterday, it leaves me a little agog that actually completing tasks and chores is this easy and rewarding. I am usually able to shake this feeling off, however, and get back to my procrastinating ways almost immediately.

I managed to get heaps done at work yesterday, and did the following as soon as I got home: dropped off some dry cleaning, did two loads of washing, cleaned my bathtub, put up my new shower curtain, put out my new towels, and put up my NaNoWriMo poster which I had framed. This amount of work would normally take me a week, if not a month. Even better, I finished these tasks just in time to be able to squeak in and register for the Daily Double on Full Tilt, which is fast becoming my favourite tournament (for obvious reasons). Yeah, I said tournament, even though they are really two simultaneous tournaments. I continue to be surprised at the number of people who sign up for Daily Double A, but not Daily Double B.

So I sat back, cracked a beer, put my headphones on, and attempted to get in the zone. Along for the ride was Maigrey, who not only signed up but had quite the head start on me in the drinking stakes. I started out a little unsteadily in B, but was able to keep my head up above water (another reason I am all about the DDs: 2k chips to start). Heading into the first break I had a healthy chipstack on A, but was down to a miserable 775 chips on B.

The second hour was a real rollercoaster as I managed to chip up a little in A, but which was nothing compared to my swings on B. I went from T775 chips to T10k in about half an hour, finishing around 6.5k or so when I dumped about 3k re-raising with AKo (the guy on my immediate right raised it up big in a pot full of limpers) but folded to the re-re-raise all-in.

This is another part of what I love about the DDs - having the two tournaments going simultaneously lets me appreciate the ebbs and flows of my stack as I am always aware of the difference in the number of chips I have in both tournaments. More than once I have been scraping by in one tournament, while having heaps of chips in the other, only to have the tables turn and have the positions reversed. I think that helps reinforce good habits, making me more patient even when a little short as it is obvious that I don't have to donk it up in an attempt to resuscitate a failing chipstack.

At the same time I was making my move, Maigrey had amassed a huge stack on B, at one time holding the chiplead. Unfortunately she was not faring so well in A.

As the number of entrants dwindled I attempted to keep a careful eye on the number of people remaining, as I attempted to make a double cash. As the bubble approached I had a huge confrontation with another big chipstack on A as we both got it in pre-flop, the classic AA vs KK confrontation. Fortunately I was on the AA side, and even better than that it held, and I was launched into the top 10.

Things went into a tailspin on B, however. My stack dwindling I managed to lose with TT and AKo back-to-back to bust out just before the money. A contributing factor may have been my getting into an argument with another guy who was annoyed that I played some bigstack poker to take away a sidepot that much larger than a main pot (though I won the main pot anyway). I find it quite depressing to bust out of half of the Daily Double - it sucks out a little of the fun. I rubbed my eyes, poured another glass of wine, and attempted to rally in A.

Maigrey managed the double cash, but was unfortunate enough to bust out of A in 63rd. She was still healthy in B, so I informed her there was nothing else for it: she would have to win B, while I took down A. Unfortunately she went out in 50th in B, so we didn't make it. At least I held up my end of the bargain.

I actually made it to the final table in 9th of 9 remaining, but was able to bob and weave, pick my spots, and pick up blinds and antes when I needed to. Amusingly at the final table were both the guy I crippled with AA earlier, as well as the guy I had argued with when stealing the big side pot.

Someone busted almost straight away, and another followed close behind. A railbird by the name of Osaki was trying to make prop bets with everyone about outlasting Kodiak125 who was the chipleader. When I was 7/7 (or thereabouts - I was definitely the shortest stack), with a stack of about a third of Kodiak's he offered my 4-1 that I would outlast him. I refused to make the deal, but when I counter-offered Kodiak125 against the field he gave me 3-1, which I took gleefully (yes, I made a bet with someone I don't know. Yes, I might be a moron). Which is when I made a raise from the cut-off with 66 (I didn't push - I had enough of a stack that I could fold if re-raised), only to be called by the two monster stacks. The flop was a beautiful T62 rainbow, chips went in, and suddenly I had tripled up to be in the chiplead.

From there I managed to hold onto the lead until we got four handed, when Kodiak125 took the lead back after busting some other players. Kodiak continued on his way, though three-handed play took some time. But all of a sudden the third player took a couple of hits to his stack, and finally was put out of his misery by Kodiak. I went to HU at about a 700k to 1.2M disadvantage.

By this time we had a few railbirds, and one in particular had been attempting to annoy me for a while by claiming that I was only here because I sucked out on someone. Which was patently true - when we were down to only a couple of tables I pushed over the top of a stack (after the turn) who appeared to be trying to weakly buy a pot. I had the Q high flush draw, and over, and a gutshot draw, but my opponent had made two pair. Luckily for me the gutshot came through on the river. And this railbird was not going to let me forget it.

I started off well in HU, mixing up my play, and being able to take down pots with aggression. This put my in the chip lead, though only marginally, and all of a sudden the hater on the rail changed his tune. He announced that I had been playing great poker, felt that I was the best player, and said he was rooting for me. I commented back that I hoped that wasn't the kiss of death. Cue me losing 3 or 4 pots in a row, not to mention the chip lead.

"OK, I'm switching back to Kodiak," said the hater.

I continued to mix up my play, taking down a pot here and there, when I was dealt AA (I had been dealt JJ early in HU, but Kodiak had folded on the button). I limped on the button, hoping for a raise, but none was forthcoming. The flop came down a J high rainbow. Kodiak overbet the pot, which was the biggest bet I had seen him make at a pot during HU. I began praying that Kodiak had hit some part of the flop (just part of it please!), and let my timer tick down a little before I pushed all-in over the top. Kodiak thought for a few moments before calling with his TPSK. I held my breath as the turn and river were blanks. This crippled Kodiak, giving me a 1.7M to 2ook lead or thereabouts. It was over the very next hand: Kodiak limped from the button, I pushed over the top with A7o, and he called. I had the lead, and kept it... I had won!

This is actually my biggest tourney win ever, and while that is pretty gratifying it didn't even occur to me until a little later. For me I was just extremely happy with how I played - I felt I made the right plays when I had to, and refused to get myself into positions I didn't want to be in. I sat back, cracked myself a Victory Beer, and attempted to wind down before crawling into bed after 3am. Yes, work is a little rough today. Thanks to all who rail-birded including the Princess (who had to crash), Alan, and Fluxer.

And Osaki: you owe me $90, bitch.


  • I think you should have a pool on if he pays or not. :)

    congrats on the win, boyo!

    By Blogger Maigrey, at 3:50 PM  

  • Attaboy!

    By Blogger Donkeypuncher, at 3:58 PM  

  • Nice score ! Congrats on the big win.

    We miss you at The one brings the kevlar like you used to.

    By Blogger mookie99, at 4:14 PM  

  • So sweet!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats G!

    By Blogger katitude, at 5:58 PM  

  • That's hot. Buy yerself sumpthin' purty. Congrats.

    When I read about all the cleaning you did and coupled with the title, I thought this was gonna be about a girl coming over to your pad.

    By Blogger Joe Speaker, at 6:03 PM  

  • You own this fucker. Well done.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:13 PM  

  • Speaker - I'm tricksy like that.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 7:27 PM  

  • That Osaki guy was most likely a scammer... which is lame.

    It was fun watching you win.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:32 AM  

  • Congrats Garth!!

    By Blogger Ingo, at 7:34 AM  

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