Monday, March 12, 2007

March Musing

The dawning of the third month of the year heralds many things: the onset of Spring, the rush towards the Madness, and the start of my Australian Football Season. Last year, you may recall, finished pretty well on the footy front, and the mighty Baltimore Washington Eagles are hoping to build upon that. Last year we spent a weekend in Salisbury, Maryland as a beginning to the season. One of our veteran players lives there, and this was a way to combine "giving back" by making the trek to his residence, but also provided a way for us all to kickstart preparation for the season.

This year we decided to reprise the trip to Salisbury, which unfortunately also conflicted with the AC get-together. Since I was last year's Captain (the team has partially regained its senses, appointing one of our up-and-coming Americans as our leader on the field - I say only partially because I they still made me Vice Captain) and am currently Vice President of the club I felt that I had to pass up the Air Conditioned city this time... there will be others, I promise!

The weekend itself was a good time, as the weather co-operated and allowed us to run around in comfort, which was a far cry from last year when we began under a deluge of rain. After the game we retired to the classy Ramada Inn to get changed and get ready for the evening's festivities.

That night we had a few beers, participated in brainstorming and team building exercises, before sitting back to watch an Aussie comedy that came out of nowhere last year called Kenny, a movie about the qunitessential Aussie Battler, who just happens to be a guy who works for a port-a-loo company (you Americans would probably call it a port-a-john company). Good fun, and a good dose of home. No idea if is even going to make it to DVD out here, but if nothing else the Australianisms are hilarious.

After the movie it was time to hit the town, which is synonymous with "get lost in some town you don't know while trying to find somewhere to get our drink on". Naturally once we found a bar I was rejected at the door for not having a US ID or a passport. Nice! That signalled a return to the classy Ramada Inn, where we proceeded to commandeer a couple of tables and commence some serious bicep curls.

What was the crowd like at the Salisbury, Maryland Ramada Inn, you might ask? Strange than you might imagine. For starters it was Karaoke Night, presided over this strange guy in a t-shirt, jeans and cowboy hat... who couldn't really sing that well. That might be questionable normally, but when the song I hear the guy sing is about tractor's being sexy or some such? Eeks.

The crowd was also "interesting", being comprised of locals, members of a black Evangelical Christian group staying at the hotel, and bunch of lesbians who must enjoy super-sizing their meals. One of the latter group befuddled me for a moment as I originally thought the bar was supplying alcohol to 16 year olds before realising that the "under-age guy" was not a guy at all. Go me.

But that's not the best part. Here's the best part. In fact, it's so awesome that I am going to allocate an entire paragraph to its greatness.

$4.50 pitchers of Yuengling.

Now, I don't want anyone to overlook this fact. Yes, the price is outstanding, but that is also the beer I consume most regularly. And saying "regularly" is a little bit of an understatement - I have a permanent half case of Yuengling in my fridge, as I tend to get antsy if I have less than a sixpack in there. An ex-girlfriend of mine used to perform this ritual when she got into my apartment: give me a kiss, throw bag on the counter, open fridge and get beer. Why? Because there was always beer. So perhaps you can understand my joy.

$4.50 pitchers of Yuengling.

Yeah, I just needed to say it again. The bunch of us, plus significant others, managed to plow through a huge amount of the stuff before they chucked us out. Given my nervousness about not continually having enough beer I made sure we always had a fresh pitcher on hand. When I cashed out I glanced at my tab and laughed. $19. Awesome. Essentially it means between the hotel room, bar tab, and miscellaneous other expenses of the weekend I paid less than I would for my normal bar tab in DC. Good times.

I may need more than $4.50 pitchers of Yuengling to get me back there, however.

* * * * * * * *
I have realised, belatedly, that my previous post was the 200th on this blog. No biggie really, though I was amused that it marked my posting about my biggest tournament cash to date. Seemed appropriate somehow.

Right now my bankroll is pretty healthy, so I have decided that I may look at mixing in a few bigger tournament buyins to supplement my lower buyin tournaments. I'm not going to go nuts, but I do want to allow myself to expand my horizons a little. If I run bad in the bigger events I intend to pass them over until I feel I have the bankroll to re-introduce them to my poker diet.

My first foray under the new plan was entry into yesterday's PokerStars $215 event. Normally this is the PokerStars Million, but this was the "Anniversary Edition", which had $1.5M guaranteed, though the prize pool eventually passed $2M.

I busted out just before the second hour, after oscillating around my starting stack for most of the time, unable to generate any real traction. Some of the play I saw was a little alarming - I think my favourite was when I fired bullets the whole way down in a pot, only to have someone check-call with a rivered straight. Questionable by me, particularly when a straight came on the end (thus contributing to the bad play in the hand), but the best part was when my opponent just decided to check-call with the nuts, rather than check-raise.

Since this was my first stab at one of the big online tournaments I may need a few more goes at them before I get a feel for the play, but I'm trying to regard this as an ongoing process. If anyone out there has any tips or comments about the bigger online events, let me know - even if the advice is "Don't over-think things, just play your normal game".


  • Don't over-think things, just play your normal game.

    Also, try a sat or two

    By Blogger Maigrey, at 2:32 PM  

  • Actually the Sunday morning satellite into the PS event is one of my favourite tournaments - I've cashed in it quite often. I'll definitely be trying to play it regularly again now I have decided I actually want to play the PS Million. I'll also have to look at satelliting into the FT tournaments if I don't choose to play them outright.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 2:36 PM  

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