Friday, March 23, 2007

The Plot Thickens

Do you happen to remember how I mentioned that Ireland beat Pakistan in cricket? And how their coach happened to have died of allegedly natural causes the next day? I have an update.

Natural causes? Not so much. (Hat tip to Michael). So here's my question: if coaching Pakistan can get you killed, exactly who do they expect to take the job next?! The only way I'd take that job is at gunpoint. I mean, there's a better chance of me agreeing to play defense for the Colombian soccer team than doing that.

The $64,000 question is who was the person who did the deed. It seems clear that is was either someone connected to the Pakistani team, or a rabid fan... and if it is someone connected to the Pakistani team, all hell could break loose. For those people who considered the loss to Ireland to be the low point in Pakistan cricket history, it appears they were wrong. The aftermath of the loss so far is the low point, and it might just be getting worse.

Of course this might be the reason that Tubby Smith decided to bail for Minnesota. (And how do we feel about that, Drizz?) Not that I can put fans of Pakistan cricket and disciples of Adolph Rupp in the same category, but even so.

Mind you, if the cost of being coach of Kentucky was running the risk of being strangled by Ashley Judd... well, I'll take my chances.

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If you were wondering how my Magic Bracket was faring... well it is now Magically Busted. Screw you Memphis, screw you Texas A&M, and screw you Kansas. OK, I had Kansas going the whole way, but screw the Jayhawks anyway. Right now I'm behind the local Georgetown Hoyas - so hopefully that isn't the Kiss of Death.


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