Monday, April 16, 2007

Extra Spice

Sometimes I need a Monday to recover from my weekends, and such was the case for the one just passed. This time of year in DC is jammed full of events coinciding with the blooming of the cherry blossoms along the DC tidal basin. While this also heralds the beginning of the deluge of tourists who descend upon DC, it also allows those of us lucky enough to live here the chance to attend some cool exhibits and showings - most of which are free. As I said to my parents when they were over here visiting: "Make sure you get to see as much as you can. After all, they're paid for by my taxes!"

I kid, I kid.

Often times I miss some of the cool things I might be interested in seeing, but this past weekend I was invited along to catch a special showing of the latest anime creation from Satoshi Kon, called Paprika (WARNING: Paprika link has sound), and the director was even there for some entertaining pre-screening commentary (that had to be interpreted).

It has been a long time since I have taken in some anime; the last time had been a movie I saw as part of an anime festival back home in Australia, and it had been even longer since I had had my face taken off by Akira and Ghost in the Shell. I really enjoyed Paprika (which is being released into theatres later this year), not just for the movie itself, but also as a reminder of the extremely cool stuff that is out there if you look for it.

In addition to watching the movie itself, I also got to have a great time people-watching. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to be anywhere near an anime screening or convention, you are missing out on a great cross-section of fandom. All around us were wonderful examples of otaku, fan-boys and fan-girls geeking out in all their finery. In the crowd we had people sporting punk hair-dos, wigs, and afros. Anime shirts and questionable fashion abounded, as did plenty of funky back-packs and electonic devices of all shapes and sizes. My only regret is I didn't manage to see anyone engaging in cosplay; I personally was hoping for some people in Sailor Moon costumes, but would have settled for just about anything. Apparently there was at least one Power Ranger wandering about earlier in the day, but I missed out.

After the movie there was to be some Q&A with the director (which I described as being "Fan-Boy Super Happy Go Lucky Question Time!!!"), but we decided discretion was the better part of valour, and made our escape.

After reflecting on the weekend, I decided to look up an item or two on Amazon, which was the catalyst for pulling the trigger on a few items I have had on my Wish List for some time. And so, with some pride, I present to you a fantastically nerdy Amazon bundle:

Items Ordered
1 of: Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict [Paperback]
By: Roger B. Myerson (Author)

Sold by:
- 1 item(s) Gift options: None

1 of: 300 [Hardcover]
By: Frank Miller (Author), Lynn Varley (Author)

Sold by:
- 1 item(s) Gift options: None

1 of: Ghost in the Shell [DVD]
By: Atsuko Tanaka (Actor), et al

Sold by:
- 1 item(s) Gift options: None

1 of: Witching Hour [Audio CD]
By: Ladytron (Artist)

Sold by:
- 1 item(s) Gift options: None

If anyone can beat this selection, I would be at once impressed and a little scared.


  • If you like anime, I recommend Kokurenbo: Hide and Seek, a 25-minute short I saw here in NYC last year. A bit thin story-wise, but really creepy and masterfully animated.

    By Blogger F-Train, at 5:07 PM  

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention yesterday: GITS is great, but Ninja Scroll kicks its ass any day. GITS gets a little too ponderous at times.

    By Blogger F-Train, at 8:10 PM  

  • Thanks for the recommendations, Train. I might have to check out Ninja Scroll. I'll let you know if I do.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 11:24 AM  

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    By Blogger chanapong, at 10:18 PM  

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