Monday, April 09, 2007

A Very Australian Weekend (if you don't count the snow)

It is with some joy that I have discovered some Australian-friendly (or at least Australian-tolerant) bars in these parts. The discovery that these bars will show both cricket and Australian Rules Football enabled me to perform the following this past weekend:

1) Wake up Saturday morning after 5.5 hours of boozy sleep at the ungodly hour of 7:30am to discover it has snowed
2) Get my shit together, and get picked up to go to footy training/co-ed footy game
3) Discover it is pretty damn cold to be running around in 30 degrees with snow on the ground
4) Discover that the snow and the cold is turning the footballs into oval bricks
5) Head to the bar after running around for the better half of three hours
6) Go home for some recuperation
7) Head to the bar at 11:30pm for the live telecast of an Australian Rules game from back home
8) Proceed to drink a ton of beer as my Fremantle Dockers get jobbed by the umpires
9) Pass out for 8 hours
10) Wake up, shove some food in my gob, jump in and out of the shower, and head back to the bar
11) Drink a ton of beer while watching Australia beat England convincingly in the cricket
12) Discover on Monday morning that the oval bricks have created some pretty spectacular bruising on my forearms. (No, I don't catch the ball with my forearms... you know, I'm just going to shut up).

That, my friends, is how to have an Aussie sport-filled weekend in the USA. Now if I could only do something about the snow...


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