Friday, May 25, 2007

How Should I Put This

So much going on right now in Garthmeister J-land, but I am tired and cranky. A combined three hours of sleep as a result of dealing with a 20 hour work issue isn't conducive to blogging, to be honest. No matter that I woke up and immediately downed a Red Bull, and have already consumed about 3 times my normal intake of caffeine (which wasn't a negligible amount to begin with).

Breakfast of Champions!

It appears I may be spending my Memorial Day weekend flying solo at the Disco Compound (aka the DC/DC), with ambitions to catch up on long-delayed chores and tasks. And play a shit ton of poker. While drinking. Heavily.

I'm unsure how I'll manage tonight, given the lack of sleep, excess of stimulants, and generally messed up headspace, but I think it might be fun finding out. It could go either way, really; I could end up passing out for 16 hours straight as soon as I get back to the DC/DC, or I could begin an epic booze binge that has me drinking my way around the Nation's Capital until I black-out and wake up to find myself half naked behind a dumpster with blood on my hands.

Fun times.

Be safe! (Or at least, safer than I will be)


  • Any of those scenarios sounds OK. I only worry about the ones where you wake up with a burned body in the bathtub.

    By Blogger Jestocost, at 4:23 PM  

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