Saturday, June 30, 2007

Done and Dusted

This time Poker News is correct. I am B.U.S.T.E.D. I started out winning the first two hands of the day (including tilting Jesus again as my 8 beat his 8), but then went card dead for about an hour. I got jiggy with a couple of marginal hands, and the second was my undoing as the current chip leader, Jon Shoreman, saw how much I had left, and drew two on his second draw to hit the second best hand possible. Looks like I finished in 58th, 34 off the money, and I am trying not to be tortured by what may have been. But hey, I can now claim with a straight face to be the 58th best Triple Draw player in the world... and have stories and experiences that are going to last me a while.

I am disappointed, but happy. I would have loved to have made some real noise today, but that' how it goes. Hopefully they spread this event (or one similar to it) again next year, so I can have two aims: 1) stay in the country, and 2) have a bankroll healthy enough for me to be able to play it.

Thanks again for everyone's encouragement. It was awesome to feel everyone behind me, and I appreciate it all.

So what now? I have a few more days in Vegas, and it is going to be fun and recreation; I think I am done with the serious card playing. I'm also aware that coming off this I have to be careful , as everything else I play is going to feel like small beer in comparison.

I'm going to sign off now, and continue the decompression process. As Ford Prefect said "What I need now is a strong drink and a peer group."

Peace out.


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