Thursday, June 07, 2007

WSOP Jonesing (with special "Stupid Things I Could Do")

With all the WSOP chatter flying about the internets, I am stone cold jonesing right now. Those people fortunate enough to have schedules and circumstances accommodate them are winging their way to the Blogger Gathering, while others are already there and playing in the cash games and tournaments or just reporting on the whole damn thing.

If you recall, I have booked myself into Sin City from the night of the 28th of June until the redeye leaving just before midnight on July 3rd. The plan? To play Event #47, 2k NLHE, June 29th, 12pm.

A while ago I subscribed to the official WSOP tournament calendar on Google, so it showed what was going on whenever I looked at my own personal schedule. And every time I look at that schedule, what do I see?

Event #48, $1k 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) W/Rebuys, June 29th, 5pm.

You know what I'm thinking, right? I bet you do.

Here are a bunch of reasons why playing in Event #48 is a good idea:
  1. It will be fun
  2. Should be a much smaller field. How small? I dunno, but probably an order of magnitude less than Event #47.
  3. A much higher concentration of pros, which would be cool
  4. Despite (3), factoring in (2) I have a better chance of getting to a final table and even winning a bracelet NB: ACTUAL CHANCE STILL RIDICULOUSLY SMALL. POSITIVELY MICROSCOPIC IN FACT
  5. If I bust on Day 1 I could still play Event #49, $1500 NLHE, which is the next day
  6. It would make for a great blog post

Here are a bunch of reasons why playing in Event #48 is a BAD idea:

  1. Sure it's a 1k limit rebuy event. For the first two hours you can rebuy - let's assume that I double buy-in to start, so I'm in for 2k. You can rebuy until the end of the second hour, at which point the limits are 100-200. If the action was capped on every street a single hand could cost T2400, IF you stayed in that long (remember: $1000 USD gets you T2000).
    Now, that's the pathological case, but since it's a rebuy event, and I expect a bunch of deep-pocketed pros I can definitely see some capping in the first couple of betting rounds, and maybe even the third, with most action being bet-fold, bet-call, or bet-raise-call on the end. Um, what do I mean: expensive.

    At the end of the third round you can get a single or double add-on, for $1k and $2k respectively. So that means if I double buy-in, and somehow don't have to rebuy, adding on means I am still going to be in the hole for $3k or $4k.

    You know, that one hour gap between the rebuy period and the add-on period looks weird. Wonder if it's a typo. The structure description is here if you want to have a look yourself.
    Naturally I could limit myself to a single buy-in, and if I manage to last to the add-on period not take it. WEAK! I could also limit myself variously, depending on how I was going - but bare minimum I'd think it would cost me $3k.

    And if I busted on Day 1 (again: highly probable), and played in Event #49 it means I would be in for at least $4500 for the WSOP.
  2. My Triple Draw skills are pretty rusty, and my tournament Triple Draw skills are non-existent.
  3. Saunter is flying in on Saturday night, so if I bust in Event #48 and play in Event #49 there is a greater chance of having less time to hang out compared to if I just played Event #47.

And here are some counterpoints to my "BAD idea" points:
  1. To my mild shock, I actually have the poker bankroll to consider this. Sure, if I was in for $4500 I would be risking half of it, but what the hell is a poker bankroll for?
  2. I have time to work on my Triple Draw skills.
  3. I would still have heaps of "hanging out with Saunter" time, even if I made it deep (or further!) into Day 2 of Event #49.

Clearly I need some direction on this, so feel free to left me know what a doofus I am in the comments. Come on, it's fun!


For all those who are wondering (both of you, and yes this joke never gets old) here is my Script Frenzy update: 1,287 words. That may not seem like a lot, since I have another 18,713 to go in the next 22+ days, but I am encouraged. I churned that out in two tiny sessions, and am getting to grips with the software I am using for it. Between footy and Chicago and the WSOP and work and real life it's gonna be tight... but that's why the call them challenges.

Now pardon me as I take another swig from my flask.


  • "Sure, if I was in for $4500 I would be risking half of it, but what the hell is a poker bankroll for?"

    I'd say it's not for using half of it on 1 tourney!

    I hope you find something that works for you yo. Don't forget, there's a shit ton of other tourneys going on at the strip around that time...


    By Blogger TripJax, at 3:14 PM  

  • Are you scared of seeing two baseball games in one week?

    I'm considering catching the Tigers/Natties next Tuesday.


    By Blogger Daddy, at 4:37 PM  

  • I'm not skeered - I'll just have to skip out of footy training.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 4:44 PM  

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