Monday, November 05, 2007

So Far, So Far

Things go according to Plan, and, much to my joy, hiding during my lunch hour to type furiously is paying superb dividends. I've racked up just over 6000 words in my latest assault on Literature, all words that I have slapped together while being in the office.

Office words are the sweetest words.

I've discovered that if I go hell-for-leather I can get around 2k down in about an hour... but of course that's right now, at the beginning, when I have plenty of things to talk about. Like my character's hair. I'm not so sure about what I'm going to do in the middle stages, when 10k is just a distant memory. Maybe talk about someone else's hair? I'm not sure - I've already mentioned that my secondary character is balding. Maybe I can get him a wig. Or a gun.

Of course I'm still in my "cocky" stage, and thus felt fine about jumping on my laptop to play some Triple Draw while Saunter was busy writing away. Aiding in my fine feelings about such endeavours was my jumping out to being ahead over $600 within 90 minutes playing 5/10 on Stars... which turned into a horrendous downswing as soon as I deigned to tell someone about my rush.

It's funny - you'd think you would learn, but then you don't.

But hey, as I pointed out to Saunter, Triple Draw paid for dinner on Saturday night... even if it didn't really, and even if I gave back some of it later on Sunday. Feels good to say it, though.

Oh yeah, let's not talk about Sundays with Dr Pauly, OK? At least Betty got something out of it. So to speak.


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