Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Second Verse, Same as the First

I have a real knack for this: cruise along in a tournament, hit the points threshold of top 25%, explode. Last night it was the Hoy, and I managed to blow up in 17th of 86. I'm not too distraught , even though there were at least two people ahead of me in the standings alive when I departed (Columbo and Tuscaloosa Johnny... and Johnny had a serious number of chips). I played well, in all, though I made one horrendous call early (KJ < AQ vs Jeciimd) which was summarily punished.

When the points bubble approached I had one of those situations where I was low on chips, and needed to make a move. I managed to double up when my 9s beat out JQo, and the very next hand I got all my chips in with AQ vs KJ... against Jeciimd. Unfortunately my AQ couldn't hold, and I was back to where I started. A few hands later and my AQ couldn't beat A2, and I was crippled. I couldn't fight back from there, though I made a go of it.

I don't think there is too much I would do to change up my game for 6-max (except for, you know, trying not to make horrendous calls). 6-max gets dicey when the blinds and antes start to get large, so I'm going to have to think if there is anything I need to tweak there. Overall though, if I continue to put myself in a position to make a move I have to think a deep finish will come eventually... I just have to hope I keep getting into that position.

I am 4 for 4 for making the points, which is something, but only 1 for 4 in actually cashing, and 0 for 4 in making any real noise.

Apparently tonight is PLO in the BBT3 series, so we'll have to see if my form holds in that discipline. I plan on playing, if circumstances eventuate. I'm still thinking about my BBT3 strategy here. I'd love to be able to snaffle one of the monthly prizes, which I think is more likely than either getting into the top 5 overall (due to the length of the series) or getting into the TOC and snaffling one of the prizes there. Right now I'm playing as many events as I can in March - if it looks too bleak for April or May I can always cut back on events, or bow out altogether, but for right now it's full speed ahead.


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