Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wii for Wictory

Some time ago I subscribed to some Wii tracker feeds, partially out of interest, and partially out of desire to own one of the little pretties. Every so often a new lead would pop up, and without fail by the time I got to the outlet offering a Wii it was sold out. Not to mention that quite often it was a "bundle", involving a whole bunch of games that I had zero interest in. As time went on I continued to be floored by the fact that these items were so hard to come by.

Until last week, when I lucked into a link to Circuit City that not only had Wiis in stock, but were part of a bundle containing games I actually wanted. What were the odds?! And so I gleefully clicked away, and ordered my Wii, along with Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Tiger Woods '08.

On Tuesday my packages finally got to me, and I raced home to set things up and see if these things were all they were cracked up to be. Some little notes so far:

  • Strangely (or not-so-strangely) I am a much better Wii bowler than bowler in real life. I actually went bowling for a friend's birthday two weeks ago, and the best score I achieved was 103. My first game on Wii bowling? 153. It took me a couple of frames to realise that the "curve" in my delivery was actually due to how I bowled rather than something in-built into the game. I am smart.
  • I can not throw a 95 mph fastball in real life.
  • Throwing a 95 mph fastball and then having a Wii punk slap it to the wall for a triple is deflating.
  • On my third ever hole of Tiger Woods golf, I hit a hole in one. Really.
  • A short synopsis of my Wii golf game: great driving, mediocre putting, wildly inconsistent short game. Just like real life, except my driving and putting also suck.
  • Smash Bros. is kinda fun, even though I have no idea what I am doing, and am constantly surprised when I suddenly attain victory or defeat. Maybe things will get cleared up once I actually bother to read the instructions.
  • I actually might not read the instructions for some time.
  • And yes, to all those haters out there, I am probably going to end up getting Guitar Hero sooner rather than later. Perhaps sooner.
  • The "channels" concept for the Wii is great, and really makes its conenction to the internet invisible, and magical.
  • If you don't think I'm downloading Super Mario Bros. 3 for the princely sum of $5, you're crazy.
  • The odds of me finally getting a new TV has just increased markedly. Markedly.
So, in summation: yay me!


  • I got my Wii last week the Gracie way by showing up at Target at opening time on a Sunday.

    I haven't cracked open the sports package yet - I went straight to the hard-core and got Guitar Hero III.

    I will simply say -

    I rock.


    (aka 'maudie')

    By Blogger Kym, at 1:34 PM  

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