Thursday, October 02, 2008

Things I Did Not Know About John Juanda

As some of you may or may not know, the WSOP ME: Euro Edition is currently running in the UK. Notable still alive (5-handed!) include Daniel Negreanu, Ivan Demidov (one of the November Nine), and John Juanda. I've been keeping half an eye on things, and clicked through to John Juanda's Full-Tilt profile. Here are the"Full Tilt Poker Facts About John Juanda":

  • Former door-to-door bible salesman
  • Someday wants to be known as Dr. Juanda
Really? Door-to-door bible salesman? Outstanding! And can we just start calling John "Dr. Juanda" henceforth? I say yes!

John's profile caused me to look at the other profiles to try and find some other of great facts, which I present below:

  • "Howard Lederer has attended over 125 Grateful Dead concerts." I smell a Dr. Pauly interview!
  • "Jennifer Harman once did 1,200 sit-ups on a dare." Maybe a new "10-minute abs and 20-minute Limit Hold'em" video series?
  • "Phil Gordon threw a golf ball 85 yards for a birdie." I have to assume this involved some kind of prop bet - I'd love to know the stakes.
  • "Gus Hansen is a competitive, high-stakes Yahtzee! Player." Seriously? How is this not on ESPN2? I demand this be on ESPN2!
  • "Gus Hansen (again) learned how to speak English by listening to Pink Floyd albums." No mention if he did this while "extremely high, while watching 'The Wizard of Oz'".
  • "Gus Hansen (yet again) was voted one of the 50 Sexiest Men by People Magazine in 2004." I was so sure this was complete bullshit, I looked it up on the Google. And fuck me: here he is, as "sexiest card shark". Right now, millions of Patrik Antonius fans from around the globe are throwing up (and sue me - if it's 2004 and Patrik isn't on the radar yet, doesn't someone like Phil Gordon at least beat out Gus?!). And yes, I'm quite comfortable with my sexuality, thanks for asking. As an attempt to distract you, perhaps you would enjoy this picture of Matt Damon, taken from the same People issue. For some reason Matt is fully clothed, and sitting in an empty bathtub:

So, in closing, People Magazine is full of shit, and I clearly could be a magazine photographer. If not a competitive high-stakes Yahtzee! Player.

God Bless.


  • And among the things I didn't know about the garthmeister includes an apparent penchant for pretty pics of people of the same sex! Nice
    'coming out' post you got here.

    Your comfort with your sexual preferences aside, I did enjoy the random facts about some FTP Pros. Neat hearing of Juanda taking down the WSOPE Main Event. A very likable professional that guy seems to be.

    Hope all is well with you and yours...

    By Blogger RaisingCayne, at 4:26 PM  

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