Monday, January 12, 2009

Dispatches from Sin City, Vol I

You know what? Since I'm here in Vegas and all, why don't I let you know how I'm going?

  • Dateline, Friday evening: I land in Vegas at about 10:30pm, and am in line at the glorious Imperial Palace waiting to check in an extremely short time later. Checking in takes a while, and so does sorting out the various reservations I have for my stay here. Using corporate travel agencies is the roolingest! I eventually get my room sorted out, get myself organised, and then head down for some craps. I say hi to various familiar faces from my adventures during the Winter Gathering, and then proceed to dump $500. I manage to fight back somewhat, limiting the bleeding to around $200, and discover at around 5am that I am fucking drunk. Sleep sounds good.
  • Dateline, Saturday: I surface around noon, and manage to confirm that a Denny's Heartland Scramble is God's Gift to a hangover. I head back to the IP and make my (bad) sports bets for the day's NFL games. Yeah, betting the favourites didn't work out too well. I then head to Binion's to meet up with Michalski and crew to play the Saturday $110 10k guaranteed tournament. Dan, true to form is a) late, and b) not going to play the tournament.
    We decide to record a podcast at the first break, which you can all hear here. To continue the story of the tournament (begun in the podcast), I went card dead in the middle, doubled up with QQ on my first (and only) hand at a table when I was moved UTG and then promptly got moved again, and finally busted when I was short and had to push and got called by Mr Erratic-and-Retarded for almost his entire stack with a marginal holding that then managed to issue a hideous beat on me. Of course. Nine off the money. Of course!
    I then head to the Golden Gate Casino for some fine diner cookin'. I briefly consider heading back to the Strip, but am swayed by this corner of Binion's containing three blackjack tables, populated by super-cute dealer chicks in cowboy outfits. Blackjack and I are not really on speaking terms, and haven't been for some time, but I decide that hanging with the Cowgirls is worth a couple of bills.
    So, eight hours later they are closing the place up around me. I am completely shit-faced, have just over $700 in front of me, have had Deep and Meaningful conversations with all the Cowgirls (one goes as far as to say "We've talked about food, travel, and writing. This has been better than most first dates I've had." Thanks, Stephanie!), been advising one of the pit bosses about what to do with his forays into writing dealer and player manuals (at one point he not-so-jokingly asked if I wanted to be his agent), and talked philosophy with the swing-shift pit boss who is intent on telling me what times he usually works so we can chat again as "I've never had a conversation like this in a casino, ever."
    So I had a pretty good time.
    Since it is now eight hours since I have eaten, and once again, I am smashed, I head back to the Golden Gate. I then proceed to demolish some meatloaf in record time, impressing my server who is actually kind of stunned at how fast the food disappeared.
    Walking back towards a taxi rank, I notice the "Girls of Glitter Gulch" establishment. OK, so I used to live on the edge of the Red Light district of Sydney, and as a result I have only really been to a strip club one (1) time in my five years in the US. But screw it. And after all, I'm drunk. I have a couple of fine lap dances with some fine ladies, they close the place up around me an hour and a half later, and I head back to the IP to pass out.
  • Dateline, Sunday: To come in the next volume of "Dispatches from Sin City".


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