Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dispatches from Sin City, Vol II

It's time for the promised Volume II of Garthmeister J. loose in Vegas...

  • Dateline, Sunday morning: It had been my intention to wake up early and put a bet down on the Giants against Philly, but this did not seem to be a good idea at 9:30am, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I eventually surfaced and made it down to the casino floor, I noted that Philly was busy smacking the Giants around rather handily. Sleeping in, FTW.
    Making my way to the sportsbook, I had to admit to being a little rattled. I was 0-2 betting on the favourites, and would have been 0-3 if I had been able to get out of bed. I had ideas of maybe reversing field and betting on the Chargers, right up until I saw that the IP had the Steelers -3.5. I was expecting -6.5, maybe -6, so I was a little suspicious. Was there an injury I didn't know about? Was the fix in? When it came down to it, I was unable to give up the apparent free field goal, and put my money down on Pittsburgh.
    I decided to make my way to the Bellagio for the game, as I wanted to check out the poker room and maybe play once the game was over. Settling in at the bar, over a video poker machine, I noted that the Bellagio did have the Steelers -6.5. Weird. I then watched as the Chargers opened the game by marching down the field and scoring a touchdown. Sweet. Fortunately the Terrible Towel-waving denizens of the Bellagio Sportsbook (really - there were really people waving Terrible Towels) managed to inspire their boys home, and I was able to book a win. The bad news is I dropped $100 at video poker drinking my "free" drinks.
  • Dateline, Sunday post-game: I walk up to the Bellagio Poker room and ask for my name to be put down on 1/2 NLHE, 2/5 NLHE, and 4/8 LO8. Apparently LO8 won't go off for some time, so I assume that NLHE is going to be my game. It's neck and neck between 1/3 and 2/5, but I am called first for 2/5. Within 5 minutes at the table I work out that a) there is another Australian at the table (named Peter), b) he lives where I used to live, and c) he's friends with a guy I used to work with.
    I decide it is a very small world.
    We are joined shortly by an older gentleman decked out in a jet black suit and a scarlet button down shirt, with gold chains and glasses. I think he looks like Clark Gable, Peter thinks Burt Reynolds, and mere minutes after I compliment the man (named Mark) on his suit I manage to flop a set against his Aces, and take down an approx. $1000 pot. Mark then proceeds to spend the next three hours trying to work out what holding I had, somehow not coming up with the correct answer (set of 8s) until I finally break down and tell him - since we had been been keeping in synch with our drinks (Coors Light for him, Michelob Ultra for me) I thought I could throw him a bone. In the meantime a young Belgian fellow has arrived and begun running over the table. I make a play at him at one point, and lose $75 for my troubles. This may have made me make money a little while later when I manage to flop a set of Kings and turn a boat. He doesn't pay me off for the maximum, but I take down a tidy $600 or so pot.
    After five hours or so, my stomach is telling me it's time to eat, so Peter and I decide to clock off. We're both up, me about $650, Peter a touch less. We finally manage to find the Bellagio Cafe and grab a bite. By this stage I have regressed to eating the seared Ahi tuna salad, as the idea of putting more fatty food in my system does not appear to be a good idea. Peter and I have a good dinner and a great chat. He leaves to go to bed and fly out the next day, I leave to play blackjack.
  • Dateline, Sunday night post-Blackjack: I am even drunker than I was after playing poker and keeping time with Mark and his Coors Light drinking. Unfortunately I am down $300. Stupid Blackjack. I feel very Bracelet-y as I stagger from the table and back to the IP. Sleep envelopes me.
  • Dateline, Monday: To come in the next volume of "Dispatches from Sin City". Warning: Triple Draw might be involved!


  • Michelob Ultra?

    Say it ain't so, bro.
    Say it ain't so.

    By Blogger Daddy, at 9:00 PM  

  • Someone get that crazy Aussie a real beer STAT!

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 8:23 AM  

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