Friday, January 09, 2009

Vegas: Part Deux

Part Deux you ask? Part Deux? What happened to Part Un? It seems Part Un got lost in a maelstrom of apathy and alcohol. This despite the fact that Saunter and I both agreed it was our funnest and bestest trip to Sin City yet, featuring:

  • Crazy mixed games at the IP
  • Winning my charity tournament rebuy at "No Bust" Blackjack at the Hard Rock
  • Winning 4th in the charity tournament, and getting to play and chat with a bunch or Pros
  • Enjoying a great suite at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay
  • Pablo and Gracie's wedding
  • Getting reamed at Black Jack at the Venetian
  • Getting to play a bit in the blogger tourney
  • Busting out of the blogger tourney just in time to join Joe Speaker, Emet, Bobby Bracelet, Elizabeth, BG, and Drizz for dinner at Bouchon
  • Having not 1, but 2 crazy hot craps sessions
  • Having a great dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Trattoria del Lupo
  • Sucking hard at the Sports Book, except my dramatic 49'ers pick
As many others have mentioned before myself, Derek has the best write-up I've seen.

Not even a month later I am winging my way back to Vegas, this time for work purposes, though I decided to tack a weekend on to either side. Should be fun, even without the Imperial Palace crawling with Bloggers. I shall give Freddy Mercury your best regards.

Until then, enjoy this picture of me with the random goodies I won from the charity tournament. Not pictured: the WSOP Main Event buy-in that went to the dude that finished in 1st. So close!


  • What is your email addy?

    By Blogger BWoP, at 7:37 PM  

  • Thanks for the making it to dinner. I hope G enjoyed her snails with hats :)

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 1:26 PM  

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