Sunday, March 15, 2009

Never Out of Style: Hellmuth-bashing

Hi there kids. I'm just killing time on a Sunday, playing in my most favourite-ist satellite in the world, the 11:30am satellite into the Sunday Million. During these I tend to just play very ABC, and try and let everyone else kill themselves. As such, I don't really need to pay heaps of attention, so it's a good time to troll through my blog reader. While doing so I came across this little post by Paul Phillips, one of the all time Hellmuth-haters (you may remember PaulP from the classic "jopke" and "all the mobneys" posts). The post is on of those curently-hot xtranormal adaptations of the fantastic back-and-forth between Helmuth and Hoss_TBF (allegedly one of the top short-handed LHE players out there) and a couple of other folks on a 300/600 table atUB.

Here's a link to the blogpost put up by Hoss_TBF himself, and (inevitably) the 2+2 thread devoted to the chat. Some of my favourite lines?

HOSS_TBF: phil, this is sincere: maybe you should do your breathing

HOSS_TBF: exercises

HOSS_TBF: i honestly do not want you to have another panic attack

PHILHELLMUTH: I really should


HOSS_TBF: you are a nice guy

PHILHELLMUTH: but I ran four miles and feel great

PHILHELLMUTH: but U right I do need to settle down

PHILHELLMUTH: just beat after beats seems unbleieavbel

PHILHELLMUTH: steamed me up way too much

PHILHELLMUTH: I prob need meds, never takin em before though

PHILHELLMUTH: BEST hand syndrome I have

PHILHELLMUTH: made me millions

HOSS_TBF: instead you lost both with worst hand?

HOSS_TBF: i wonder if they gave out anti-bracelets

HOSS_TBF: how many you would have

PHILHELLMUTH: U wanna play bad so be it

PHILHELLMUTH: Ill play even tighter

HOSS_TBF: sweet heavens xmas has come early

PHILHELLMUTH: plqys every single pot

PHILHELLMUTH: and pays off like a slot machine


HOSS_TBF: *exactly* like a slot machine


PHILHELLMUTH: I sit here on the sideleines folding

PHILHELLMUTH: like an 11 time champion

PHILHELLMUTH: and y'all just get lucky

PHILHELLMUTH: never seen a guy win with 10-4 off suit more than you

HOSS_TBF: i prefer the term "10-4 doublesuited"

PHILHELLMUTH: U make a lot of good checks vs me hoss

PHILHELLMUTH: I better have em look at this session, security

PHILHELLMUTH: even if you get me tonight, I'll show you the nuts all year


HOSS_TBF: you'll see them, too

HOSS_TBF: cause it'll go check check check check check check

PHILHELLMUTH: congrats this is my biggest loss in two years playing online

PHILHELLMUTH: Limit holdem


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