Monday, April 06, 2009

I am poop at SCOOP

To all those thinking of shelling 2k to see if I could hang with the big dogs in the SCOOP Triple Draw event: well done in holding onto your cash. Today I could not draw to save my life.

My day got off to an auspicious start when I entered a 500 FPP rebuy event for a seat into the $200+15 event. I was in for the minimum (I double bought to begin with, then added on) of 1500 FPP - handy, since that was all the FPPs I had left - and was heads up for the seat. Unfortunately, that's where it ended, though I pocketed 10,000 FPPs for my trouble.

I had time for one more attempt, this time a 1500 FPP freeze-out sat, but made no headway.

No matter - I was going to play the $200+15 and the $20+2 events anyway. All the events had a chance at overlay, though the $20+2 eventually made the guarantee. The $200+15 ended up with about 13k of overlay, and the 2k event had 20k of overlay.

I got off to a poor start - by the first break I was at 4.5k in the $22, and 4.2k in the $215. This was a far cry from last year's WCOOP, when I had flown out to be sixth in chips after the first break. Coming back from the break I made some minor headway in the $22, before crashing out just before the end of the second hour. In the $215 I was always spiralling towards destruction, though the end finally came moments after my finish in the $22 event.

Depressing all round, particularly when I don't get to play large field TD events that often. I still have vague plans to play the Triple Draw event at the WSOP, but we'll have to see how we go.


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