Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fantasy Top Chef II: This Time It's War. And you can join in!

Friends, it is that time once again. Forget the World Cup, our true national past-time is upon us: Top Chef! This year our intrepid contestants are in... Washington DC! I for one am looking forward to spying local landmarks, as well as identifying new eateries to hit.

Along with a new season of Top Chef comes a new season of Fantasy Top Chef, the trail-blazing geekathon for pathetic foodies such as myself. This time around we have slightly tweaked the set-up; rather than just myself, Daddy, and Saunter, we have added in All-Star and Gracie! Our current plan is to hold the draft after the second episode, giving us all a chance to get a little acquainted with the new chefs before making our selections. There are 17 chefs to start with, so hopefully there will be 15 remaining when we make our picks, allowing us to choose 3 each. Scoring will remain the same as last season, pending any last minute alterations.

But! This doesn't mean that you, you food-loving fantasy-enjoying internet denizen you, can't join the party. This season Bravo have come up with their own Fantasy Top Chef game (don't worry, I have contacted my lawyers). Sure it includes such categories as "Shown at Whole Foods check-out" rather than just food-based categories, but hey!

I have created a private group: "Disco Finery Diners". If you wish to join the group, head to this link, or search for the group name. The passcode for the group is "Quickfire4267". You will have to register, but the good news is that you don't actually have to fill out any of the personal info, just leave it blank (if you wish), and move on.

Each week you pick 3 chefs that you think will score the most, so make sure to get those picks in before each episode.

An Aussie Food Prize Pack will go to the winner (contents of Aussie Food Prize Pack to be determined, depending on distributors I can find online and the current state of food importing laws). So, get cracking!

UPDATE: It looks like the first episode will not be scored in the Bravo Fantasy Top Chef Game. From their Dashboard page: "Take note that the first episode of the season (Wednesday June 16th, 9/8c) will NOT be scored. This gives everyone a chance to get in on the action and to learn a little about the chefs before the game begins."

You may still be able to choose some chefs for the first episode, just for the hell of it. Not sure at this stage.


  • I'm so in :)

    By Blogger Jules, at 5:23 PM  

  • However, if I win, I want an American Food pack as I have an Aussie food prize pack every time I walk into Coles

    By Blogger Jules, at 5:35 PM  

  • No worries, Jules. I think that can be arranged.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 8:57 AM  

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