Friday, April 18, 2008

Brandi Hawbaker Dead?

I'm assuming I'm not the first person to notice this, though I haven't seen anyone else mention it yet. Last night Wicked Chops Poker posted, wondering if anyone had seen Ms Drama Bomb, Brandi Hawbaker laterly. Someone had commented on one of their Brandi stories, mentioning that she was dead. WCP have since posted a follow-up, claiming that Brandi has taken her own life. NWP also has a post up about it.

I'm not sure what else to say here, but it did seem that something like this was always on the cards (without digging, I recall she allegedly had a suicide attempt earlier). Just a matter of time. I guess it's a little early to talk about it until it is 100% confirmed (let's face it, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that this is a hoax), but the Brandi Hawbaker story just screams "Cautionary Tale".

Welcome to the underbelly.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wii for Wictory

Some time ago I subscribed to some Wii tracker feeds, partially out of interest, and partially out of desire to own one of the little pretties. Every so often a new lead would pop up, and without fail by the time I got to the outlet offering a Wii it was sold out. Not to mention that quite often it was a "bundle", involving a whole bunch of games that I had zero interest in. As time went on I continued to be floored by the fact that these items were so hard to come by.

Until last week, when I lucked into a link to Circuit City that not only had Wiis in stock, but were part of a bundle containing games I actually wanted. What were the odds?! And so I gleefully clicked away, and ordered my Wii, along with Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Tiger Woods '08.

On Tuesday my packages finally got to me, and I raced home to set things up and see if these things were all they were cracked up to be. Some little notes so far:

  • Strangely (or not-so-strangely) I am a much better Wii bowler than bowler in real life. I actually went bowling for a friend's birthday two weeks ago, and the best score I achieved was 103. My first game on Wii bowling? 153. It took me a couple of frames to realise that the "curve" in my delivery was actually due to how I bowled rather than something in-built into the game. I am smart.
  • I can not throw a 95 mph fastball in real life.
  • Throwing a 95 mph fastball and then having a Wii punk slap it to the wall for a triple is deflating.
  • On my third ever hole of Tiger Woods golf, I hit a hole in one. Really.
  • A short synopsis of my Wii golf game: great driving, mediocre putting, wildly inconsistent short game. Just like real life, except my driving and putting also suck.
  • Smash Bros. is kinda fun, even though I have no idea what I am doing, and am constantly surprised when I suddenly attain victory or defeat. Maybe things will get cleared up once I actually bother to read the instructions.
  • I actually might not read the instructions for some time.
  • And yes, to all those haters out there, I am probably going to end up getting Guitar Hero sooner rather than later. Perhaps sooner.
  • The "channels" concept for the Wii is great, and really makes its conenction to the internet invisible, and magical.
  • If you don't think I'm downloading Super Mario Bros. 3 for the princely sum of $5, you're crazy.
  • The odds of me finally getting a new TV has just increased markedly. Markedly.
So, in summation: yay me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Checking In, and Examining the "Waffles Event"

Work and life has been crazy, blah blah blah. I haven't played a hand of poker in over two weeks, and have started dreaming about it (a lot). If you are (un)lucky, I may even post about one. Nothing better than posting about poker dreams, I tells ya! Except maybe hand histories.

Anyhoo, I stole a couple of minutes to check-in and see what has been going on, and what do I see? Waffles wins the Mookie! Like many others, I found this to be a shock to the system, an example of the Old Order being turned on its head. What could this mean? Was someone playing the account for him? Did Waffles manage to pay off Full Tilt somehow? Was there *gasp* collusion?!

After stewing over this occurrence, I have come to what I believe to be the story behind this "Waffles Event": having given Waffles new life and self-belief, the Fates are conspiring to have him bust on the bubble in the TOC to a horrifying suckout (gutshot hitting on the river, or maybe even someone going perfect perfect), giving us the Greatest Waffles Outburst of All Times.

Think about it. You know it makes sense.