Wednesday, February 03, 2010

WBCOOP Report Card

Like a few others I know, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the WBCOOP on stars. Here's how I performed.

Monday, Jan 25th, NLHE

As the tournament started at 5pm, I wasn't able to make the start. Instead I raced home, saw I had about half a stack, and the promptly got into a blind vs blind situation: my AKs from the small blind running into QQ in the big blind. So, that was quick.

Tuesday, Jan 26th, PLO

I got home at the first break, and busted out so uncermoniously I can't recall the details. Let's just say that Australia Day did not treat me well from a poker playing perspective. Alliteration!

Wednesday, Jan 27th, NLHE

Despite the later start time I was a DNP, coach's decision. Instead Saunter and I relaxed and ordered Z Pizza. Have you tried Z Pizza? You should, if there is one near you. It rules. We recommend the Mexican pizza.

Thursday, Jan 28th, NLHE

Again a 6pm start, which was nice. For the life of me I thought I cashed in this one, for a $16.50 SCOOP ticket. Since I can't verify that from here, let's just pretend that I did, and that I played awesomely (probably not true).

Friday, Jan 29th, 8-game

In DC we were expecting a snow storm, so Saunter and I hunkered down while we drank and I played this event. Have I mentioned that I love the 8-game, particularly when playing a bunch of people who are only used to receiving two cards? Here is my guide to success:

1. Make sure to be seated at a table where everyone else is sitting out.
2. Ensure you have "never show winning hands" selected, and raise as fast as you can
3. Have just under 12,000 chips (i.e. 6 times the starting stack) half an hour into the tournament, when "live" people start joining your table
4. Despite there being only two other "live" people in your table, lose 4,000 chips in PLO as you run your second nuts into the nuts repeatedly.
5. Make it all back, and then some, as you realise people don't know how to play Razz or Triple Draw (OK, you knew that last one)
6. On two separate occasions lose at least half your stack when you didn't notice the game change from Razz to Stud (stupid alcohol!). In one hand I lost 10k to go down to just 10,000 chips, and in another hand I lost 18k to go down to about 10,000 chips.
7. Seriously, twice? I can understand once (maybe)... but twice?!
8. Despite this self-inflicted pain finally bust out in 27th of 1536 (mostly absent) players.

So, that was fun, and a $33 SCOOP ticket for me!

Saturday, Jan 30th, NLHE

This was an interesting event as I never really built a decent stack, and was left to short-stack ninja-ing for most of proceedings. Despite this I was able to finish in 78th of 1939, good for a $11 SCOOP ticket.

Sunday, Jan 31st, Main Event, NLHE

Again I was mostly short-stacking, but ended up busting out somewhere in the 300s. But thanks to the hubris of some joker named MI_Turtle I was rewarded with $1.58, for being one of the 600+ who finished ahead of him. Apparently Mr Turtle (I'm assuming a male) wanted to award $1000 to those who were awesome enough to outlast him. So yeah, that happened.

All in all, not a bad haul, even if my $16.50 ticket is imaginary. Once the SCOOP schedule comes out I'll be seriously tempted by the Triple Draw and 8-game events. Can't wait.