Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ozzie Guillen, Twitter, and Poker

A lot of celebrities, athletes, and poker bloggers seem to be on The Twitter these days, letting people into their unfiltered thoughts and updates regarding such events as NBA All Star weekend or Mastodon. Some of these people are insightful, some of these people are boring, some of these people are intentionally or unintentionally humourous. One of my favourite people to join Twitter Nation recently is none other than Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen. Ozzie, known for being an outspoken character, beloved by the media (though perhaps not Jay Mariotti), has proved to be pure gold in this new forum.

Here are a couple of my favourite snippets from Ozzie:

Or maybe this one?

But nearest to my heart is this little drama in two parts, relevant to those of us who enjoy playing cards from time to time.

And then?

Ozzie might be so lucky he once had Scott Podsednik hit a walk-off home run in the World Series, but that's not enough to win if you play cards once a year, which is why playing poker is clearly a game of skill.